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Information Anxiety 2

01 Oct

Anxiety2The book Information Anxiety 2, brings the discussion to another level of responsibility of the professional who works with information and we can make this information easier to understand it if it is properly understood and comes in a particular medium, be it the Web , a television or a simple newspaper.

The author goes through many different contexts such as business, communications businesses, maps, education, design or just conversations, and points that make this intelligible information may not be as simple as it sounds, the book provides important reflections about usability or design themes Featured today.

The book is full of examples of infographics, concrete contexts taken from magazines and believe the goal is to inform the reader directly and that this format.

Not a tutorial, or just a conceptual book, some may be disappointed by this aspect, but the concepts are there is, for example, it defines the information architect as “the” individual who organizes the patterns inherent in data, making what is complex into something clear, “consistent with the definition of Claude Shannon, who says the information is that which ‘reduces uncertainty.'”

In the book which is 2005 also found a good definition of empowerment, “means spending rights and responsibilities to employees, giving them a voice in their work as well with the company’s business in general.” (P. 191)

The point of this book as the first, is to understand that it reduces anxiety is understanding, and we have choices about what we read and learn.