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Cyber Ministry of Information

02 Oct

United Kingdom is creating a department for cyber defense next to its Defense Ministry, which was declared the chief of GuerraCiberstaff of the ministry, Mr. Philip Hammond to the Mail on Sunday, stating that the enemy could disable communications, chemical and nuclear weapons , aircraft, ships or other equipment only use of cybernetics.

He told the newspaper: “People think of military actions by land, sea and air, and has long since been recognized fourth domain: space Now there is a fifth, the cyber …” and continued:

“This is the new frontier defense. For years, we have been building a defense capability to protect against these cyber-attacks. This is not enough.”

“You can deter people if you have an offensive capability. We will build in Britain a capacity of cyber-attack, and so we can attack in cyberspace against enemies who attack us, putting alongside land, sea, air and space, cyberspace as a military activity in mainstream. ”

The defense ministry said the recruitment of reservists will target regular staff, leaving the military, current and former reservists with the necessary skills and civilians with the appropriate technological skills and knowledge.

Cyber​​-attacks and crime have become more common in recent years, in July this year the British intelligence agency GCHQ, told the BBC that the UK had seen about 70 sophisticated cyber espionage operations for a month against government networks or the industry.

In a written statement, in December of last year, Francis Maude, who is the chief minister’s office said that 93% of large companies and 76% of small businesses reported a cyber-violation in 2012 in the country.

The initial values ​​will be spending 5 million pounds.