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The new map of the Internet World

08 Oct

Made to look like those of the first browsers maps of Earth, map of new Web browsers was done by two researchers from the Institute of the Internet at the University of Oxford in England .Mapa-Mundi

Mark Graham and Stefano De Stabbata created a new world-map showing the sites and tools more popular in several countries, the sizes of territories vary with the number of users by creating a situation territorial curious .

As expected Google is the largest territory in 62 countries , now that Facebook leads the number of visits is in 50 countries , while the Baidu search engine in China , is popular in just two countries , but the size of China has a vast territory and of course a large number of users .

There are niche markets, such as the newspaper Al – Watan , the most visited site by Palestinians , the e- mail service which is the most visited in Kazakhstan , the VK social network popular in Belarus and search engine Yandex which is the most popular site in Russia .

The news was published by the Daily Mail , and researchers cite as the source .