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The more expensive minute

09 Oct

The news was revealed by a report from the ITU ( International Telecommunications Union ) , the UN ( United Nations ),AMinuteMobile released on Monday ( 07 ) , said minute of a call to a number in the same carrier leaves for U.S. $ 0 , 71 in Brazil , while the call for a different enterprises services costs U.S. $ 0.74 .

But corporatism responded , and according to the union bosses SindiTelebrasil ( National Union of Telephone Companies and Service Mobile and Personal ) one must consider the average of all plans (but do not tell that many plans are not encouraged ) and in this case the values ​​would be at $ 0.15, with tax ( U.S. $ 0.068) .

The union also said that this value has halved in the last five years , I do not remember any tariff reduction on any plan .

But I know and every Brazilian knows that the services ” on average ” are very bad , you need to switch operator all the time . is the most expensive of World .

See the price list of minutes in the countries, the same enterprise´s call :

Country Minute Costs in US$
Brazil 0,71
New Zealand 0,70
Switzerland 0,68
Greece 0,58
France 0,56
United Kingdon 0,56

Source ITU: Country Cost of minute U.S. $