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Crowdsourcing for studying languages

11 Oct

Do you want to learn English , or Italian languages ​​or fictitious speaking such as Dothraki , Na’vi or Klingon ? , you can Duaolingouse the Duolingo that uses crowdsourcing to learning.

Duolingo launched on Wednesday the Language Incubator , a tool that gives users the ability to collaboratively create language courses and make them available online .

Founded by entrepreneur and mathematician Guatemalan Luis von Ahn , Duolingo is free and aims to give the user a way that the knowledge gained can be used by the environment , using excerpts from texts of conversations learning as a way to “pay ” for course , and so each user becomes part of the employee and student learning following .

According to Terra , Duolingo still not a profitable but already has contracts with some translation companies were not disclosed .

The company arrived in Brazil this year , and the introduction of Chinese country with the largest population and largest number of users to become popular software quickly.