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Google launches its intelligent Watch

16 Oct

Google may launch close to launching his watch Nexus still in October , he would come to compete withRelogios those already on the market: Galaxy Gear , smart watch from Samsung that uses the Android and the Sony SmartWatch , now in its second version .

The gadget Google enter the race wearing similar accessories , according to the website 9to5Google , the ad would still novelty in October .

According to the website , the search giant would be putting the finishing touches on your watch and what features would be the novelty of the product , such as resistant glass screen , buttons to ask questions such as voice features in smartphones .

Furthermore , an information “accidental ” that came on your phone could also be announced on the clock .

Features like time to get home alarms, calendar, emails, SMSes, etc. , could all be connected to the clock display

They are also working more battery life and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity .

But there is no talk about the type of sensors and health monitoring functionality with aa Apple has rumored that he would be working .