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European Parliament for digital privacy

23 Oct

The committee of the European Parliament for digital privacy, Libe, approved on Monday a new draft regulations for the DataProtectionprivacy issue , the document follows the great initiative of the European Commission for more data security .

Across Europe , digital privacy advocates agree that there are on the right track , it is urgent to tighten legislation to protect internet users .

One of the rules is to make more visible what appears almost imperceptible on their data , the clauses that are usually hidden in the general conditions, and are presented as the default setting when you register on some website .

Companies with headquarters outside the EU although they can circumvent the existing safety data , they should seek those with laws more flexible , which made Ireland and the United Kingdom ‘s most popular destinations , but the situation should change with the adoption of equal rules for the entire block.

One of the proposed rules Libe is that users can delete their personal network more easily , allowing clear without being previously stored .

Users also have the right to know which companies or government agencies also your data may be transferred , this means privacy.