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More confused minds the Web

25 Oct

In a report in brazilian magazine Epoca, also the book of Mark Bauerlein to Nicholas Carr, author Geracoesof The dumbest generation there is a pessimistic analysis in that it anticipates a new Dark Age , when individuals who are now children and adolescents reach maturity .

In analyzing this author in Epoca magazine , ” once youthful minds restless and full of knowledge , what we see in schools is an anti -intellectual culture and consumerism ” , attributed to Bauerlein , a professor at Emory University in Georgia , which oversees studies about American cultural life .

His study on the influence of digital media was done with 81,000 American high school students and second it was found that 90 % ” read or study ” less than five hours per week , and spend many hours watching TV , surfing the internet or playing video games , an average of 6 hours per week , and then takes to conclusions , saying ” do not know practically nothing of history” , etc. .

I do not know if the data of the 60 youth would be different , just did not have internet and had the war in Vietnam and Brazil , were times of military rule , and even speak the word dictatorship was forbidden , educational systems were repressive and little inventive , luckily I entered the first class of computing and had some regular teachers , who read and reported on the country’s history , but was also minority.

We read romance, but it was something with sugar water , but we really wanted was a color TV to watch the Brazil game , can not remember if he sang ” this is a country that will put forward will ” actually liked math and I only understand policy when I entered the university, but I am the fruit of the hippie generation and the ” hairy ” .

The lessons were always silly stories , had to memorize dates and know what were the ” national heroes ” finally no critical analysis of reality , the university was reading because it was an alternative set of left and needed to have arguments against the ” dictatorship ” today I thank the “rebels ” of my youth , without them I would also be a ” dumbest generation” .

How long we were in front of the TV culture engulfing canned ? what they say about Arab or Muslim culture in our newspapers ? someone knows something of African culture ? Whose dumpest generation ?

The problems that befell this generation has no connection to the lost generation (1914 – 1924) , the baby boomers generation ( 46-64 ) and hippie generation ( 64-84 ) ? is it only now are ” dumbest ” ?