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Internet security company and world

26 Oct

The reasons confess to spying on the network leaked by Edward Snowden , a former official of theASociedade U.S. National Security Agency ( NSA , its acronym in English ) , and inconfessas which is the desire of the state to control its citizens , opened debates about national security and privacy and taking global proportions .

However , for now , there are more proposals were rejected than statements about what they want , the reason is the complexity of interests involved in a debate , and motivators among countries is Brazil .

In the United States , one of the promoters is study center Wilson Center in Washington , more present , however the view of experts that political issues , but at least brought fundamental questions on the technical and ethical .

What they desire is to harness the desire of governments to citizens patrol , not always terrorists , but not respect fundamental freedoms and privacy rights in Western societies , it would be possible ?

The confrontational discourse of ” sovereignty ” is an ideological appeal to national issues , the demonstrations in France , a country with a nationalist color highlights on the expulsion of aliens , seems to strike a chord among the young .

Attempting to national states , creating networks ” own ” , called by experts ” Balkanization ” is nothing more than repeat the nationalist discourse and fail to see the world as it already is , ie , a society – world as Edgar Morin calls .

So , if we have a solution that it is global , without taking away freedom of world relations , networking, of all humanity , respecting the privacy of every internet user .