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Study shows use of technology in teaching

28 Oct

The study Learning Objects in the Classroom: Resources , Methods and Strategies for Improving the Quality of Education was developed over two years by a research group at the University UNESP Araraquara in Brazil, that evaluated the performance of 400 students from eight classes 2 and 3 ° years of high school with the class of learning objects , which are the technological resources that allow some interaction with the content , such as animations , simulations and educational games .

The use of games is already common and integrating the game Minegraft , eg using building blocks ,Minecraft is now used worldwide to teach literacy and mathematics aggregate biology (photo )

Research has shown that students in the classroom who had used technological tools had higher yields by taking as a basis the average five or below this value had a gain of 51 % performance in physics and mathematics , the project is coordinated by Professor Silvio Fiscarelli department didactic UNESP Araraquara .

Also, students with an average above five , had an average gain of 13 % , showing that the appropriate use of technology is beneficial to education .

For the project were used 20 technological tools in the classroom, with some created by the core teaching of UNESP , but most was used for educational repositories as BIOE ( Bank for International Educational Objects ) and rived , the SEED program (Department of Education distance ) or translated in international repositories .

The project now has the support of FAPESP (Research Support Foundation of the State of São Paulo ) , and extend the study to 660 students , with 600 students being done in the three years of high school , and extended to the areas of Portuguese , chemical and philosophy.

Besides the training of teachers , this new phase will also include 35 notebooks , so that students no longer need to go to the computer lab with the activities are carried out within the classroom .