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QR, what is

30 Oct

Being a two-dimensional code, QR (Quick Response) can store more information than exponentiallyQrCode one -dimensional bar code (white and black is 0 is 1) , storing content information complex , adjacent to the URL , for example, directs this blog .

The code was generated from the Google url shortener , then selecting ” details” .

Using some gadget camera or scanner , the code is converted into text, which can then be interpreted as using the text ( interactive) , with a URI address , phone number , located georeferenced , an email, a contact or SMS .

The QR Code was first used in the production of vehicles, but is now used both in inventory management and inventory control in industry and commerce.

From 2003 applications were developed to facilitate users to enter data in mobile phone using the phone’s camera .

QR codes are also common in magazines and advertisements , to record addresses and URLs , as well as detailed personal information.