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Bare life and Digital Vertigo

31 Oct

There is no doubt that we live in a ‘ bare life ” category Giorgio Agamben also means that there is a common man who is the ” homo sacer” this ignored by the state and the laws , who live in slums , shanties , who do not reach the benefits of society.

Bare life , as opposed to those who might think that it is life that is “transparent” in social networks , or other category socio- political , is for Agamben an area highly artificial power structures generate the delete protection legal forms life that are not subjected to your order.

The ” homo sacer ” is this common man sentenced to banishment by Roman law , through the Nazi concentration camps , but present in the prisons of Guantanamo and throughout the Arab world , using a feature Keen , could use the Brazilian short-filme Window of My room (2004) , Cao Guimarães , which shows two bodies in combat , choreography sensual and aggressive .DaJanelaDoMeuQuarto

With imagination influenced by filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock , Keen uses film, Vertigo , as a starting point, Keen tries to lead us to believe that social media , with its huge generation of personal data , would lead us to think that our true identities today would only be present on the internet of course thinking that people are not and do not know .

Overexposure , he made ​​over the internet , but he does not speak of “bare life” and “homo sacer” , is an excess of transparency Keen calls “publicalidade” , a mix of publishing and advertising , where everyone would know all the other , but if they do not know to use the groups and privacy restrictions , which is very different is the use of private information by organizations and government agencies , it is the “security ” .