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The Book Thief

31 Dec

I made the purpose of reading this book to a friend, housewife, who asked me who only read books Book “academic” and the result was surprising.

The beginning seemed to me that the story of Liesel Meminger although interestingly told by a friendly narrator , drew a morbid journey in which you insert a little thief of books , a fondness which Death to Liesel ‘s track from 1939 to 1943 .

Traits of a survivor are outlined : the Communist mother, persecuted by the Nazis , sends Liesel and her brother for the poor suburb of a German town where a couple is willing to adopt them for cash .

But the boy died on the way and is buried by a digger dropping a book in the snow , which will be the first of several that girl stealing over the years and this book will be the link to your family.

The adoptive father is a painter of wall debonair who teaches him to read , is Nazi period and many books are burned, but she steals the reading of the mayor or the city library.

This virtual – reality created around Hitler and the Second World War , the girl attends Death , with some perplexity of human violence , but manages to give a light and fun tone to the narrative in this harsh reality of lost childhood and the cruelty of the world war.

But the book has a curious dying and living , hence my inevitable connection to Heidegger and to the present day , with dark clouds hovering over the cultural and society .


Do not forget the streets of 2013

30 Dec

We should be positive for 2014, but mainly by the cry of conscious people in the streets, the 2013 ano2014that the mainstream media and politicians seem to forget in Brasil.

While the demonstrations were held, corrupt politicians were judged, looked like they were going to finally wake up to the desires of people , but all it took was spending a few months for everything to return to the same bad habits and specially Negligence.

Despite this the country is indeed growing, by persistence and stubbornness of the Brazilian people. despite the bureaucracy, the deviations of public funds and lack of interest on health and education .

The country should grow somewhere around 2 % might grow a bit more in 2014, an election year in public money is spent more correctly, but it could always be.

The problems with health, where expensive health plans prevail , the conditions of hospitals and doctors Brazilians are not discussed , the number of beds decreases and if you want to be well attended need a health plan, expensive and truculent .

In education, the number of vacancies increases, however the quality of many schools is dubious, and basic education is often a police case.

Are the emergency plans that give popularity, however you need to give professional and decent living conditions and housing.

We expect a lot of governments and judgment on our part we are always fighting.


Public Debt and year of Soccer Cup

27 Dec

We commented last year that it was time to curb public debt in Portuguese clearer, DividaPublicastop the spending spree like we’re a millionaire and no poor country.

Based on inaccurate data, the government will not disclose their spending spree despite making the greatest propaganda surrounding the “public transparency ” , the second debt inaccurate IPEA (Govern Applied Research Institute) and UnB (University of Brasilia) is somewhere around U.S. $ 2.8 trillion .

As will be this year, is expected to increase , now imagine we have a GDP of around U.S. $ 3.5 trillion, and GDP (gross domestic product) this year should be a lower GDP, means we are committing almost all national income .

Pray the playbook of good economy , that if you are committing half of their income on debt , is compromising the household budget .

To be clear, you win US$ 1,500 and has debts of around US$ 1,000 which is a your chance to get out of it ? If you economize and not save ?

Yeah we are in year Soccer Cup with delayed and spending works (see last corruption of the minister Renan) without much awareness, imagine the movie that goes on in people’s heads for 2014 ?


Scientists research slow aging

26 Dec

In research published last Wednesday in the journal Nature , researchers from the Mayo ClinicRatos in Rochester, Minnesot , says that it is possible to “clean” the body of senescent cells that promote the aging of tissues, the team is led by Daren J. Backer and Jan M. Van Deusen , paving the way to control age-related diseases.

In an experiment done on mice , scientists have identified the brain region that regulates the growth, reproduction and metabolism , and identified form of regular physical deterioration of cells , which give the physical appearance of aging.

The staff can speed up or slow aging in mice , controlling the region of the brain called NF -kB regulates the levels of hormones called GnRH , which are also linked to the production of neurons , and these neurons controlling neurogenesis .

The expectation is that related therapies are created for the aging of cells, which do not eliminate new medicines to increase the longevity of life, but not exaggerated missing who think the immortality of man .


Christmas for dont believe

23 Dec

Sorry those who believe sometimes insult, deride and say something that doesNatal not have the slightest connection with the universe and the size of God is only a human being and not God.

Belief has nothing to do with prejudice, intolerance and division, it is just the opposite of all this.

Belief has nothing to do with prohibitions, limitations and lack of respect and freedom, it is just the opposite of all this.

Belief has nothing to do with the power of money, disrespect life and every human being, because it is precisely the opposite of this.

The child born in Bethlehem suffered all this life, to prove that nobody is better than anyone and even though God made the last, with no place to be born without titles and end of life more fragile and dying on a cross, Christmas is see it all without exception as coexisting on this planet, and in this spirit I wish you all a Merry Christmas.

God came to share life with all of us and coexisted with us for 33 years on this planet.


Christmas around the world

20 Dec

TheArmenian Apostolic Church celebrates Christmas on January 6th, is the day we celebrateChristmasInWorld Epiphany (which means the revelation that Jesus was the Son of God) , unlike Catholic churches that celebrate the arrival of the Magi in visit to the baby Jesus, and also celebrate the Baptism of Jesus (when he began his adult ministry) on Epiphany .

The curious custom is to eat nothing the week before Christmas , I mean start the
year doing fasting.


In China, where only about one percent of the people are Christians, most people only know a few things about Christmas celebration due in large cities as Christmas in the World site.

In these big cities there are Christmas trees , lights and other decorations on the streets and in department stores , and Santa Claus is called  “Shen Dan Lao Ren ” in Mandarin and “Seng Dan Fai Lok ” in Cantonese .

Ghana celebrate Christmas tough two weeks , from 20 December to first week of January, with many different activities . It is common to travel to visit their relatives and friends in other parts of the country , where more than 60 languages ​​, each with their own traditions and
customs !


There is the harvest period of cacao, being the country ‘s second-largest producer in the world.


But the Christmas mood because there is something very extraordinary happened: a different child born in a stable and placed in a manger.


Photobomb mania at the end of year

19 Dec

Suddenly some portions of curious photos appear on the web, may be something curious in a photo,Photobomb but to be successful must have something that may seem a joke , perhaps the Christmas atmosphere in technological time , ie , a climate of joy caused by a photo .

In Oxford dictionary (online of course) already appears three definitions :
Photobomb (nom): spoil a photograph of ( person or thing ) by appearing unexpectedly in the field of view of the camera when the picture is taken , something that makes it a prank or a joke

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Cheap Tablet in India now in UK

18 Dec

When the Aakash was launched in India in 2011 , was told it would be the “cheapest Aakashtouch-screen tablet in the world ” , and was aimed at schools and colleges , but the first version was not well received by critics , as the Aakash 2 fared better .

In India , the tablet was released to be used by students and was designed to provide inexpensive Internet access to help improve education
Now being launched in the UK with the name UbiSlate 7Ci , manufactured by British company DataWind , with the commercial version of Aakash 2 tablet .

The 7in ( 18 cm ) Android tablet has Wi – Fi connectivity , 512 MB ​​of RAM , a microUSB connection and 4GB of storage.

Market analysts claim that British customers who want to buy and compare it to others in the market may be disappointed .

He has a very short battery in just three hours , low memory is limited and front camera (VGA Camera) .

The price in the UK is £ 30 (around U$ 40) .


All books digitalized in Norway

17 Dec

The news worried the publishing market, but Norway aims by 2020 to provide all the LibraryNorwayworks that are available in the country , and made an audacious plan to the Norway National Library.

Also the books that are in other languages ​​will be scanned, and the national control can be done through the IP (Internet Protocol on the computer) that is on your computer , this means that if you are in Norway can access the scanned books there and download, even though they have copyrights.

In other countries for selective access, i.e. e-books that are already free to download, can be accessed by page.

There are already cases of mass digitization in the UK and Finland , but Norway did something extra to make agreements with many publishers to allow any person with an IP address in Norway accessing a copyrighted material .

The library has equipment for scanning and analyzing text structure of the books . It will also include the addition of metadata and storing files in a database for easy retrieval , according to The Verge site .


Quoted for the Oscar 2014

16 Dec

A film that has made many critical accolades director Alfonso Cuarón ‘s Gravity , the box office has surpassed U.S. $ 207Oscar2014 million, and should be among the nominees , as says  Adoro Cinema site .

A fourth adaptation of the Great Gatsby , F. book Scott Fitzgerald . (the others were 1926 , 1949 and 1974) The Great Gatsby tells the story of aspiring writer Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire starring) coming out of the Midwest and goes to New York in the spring of 1922 , in the midst of an immoral was at the apex of jazz, drunkards and the exorbitant actions , tells the story of the mysterious and partying millionaire, Jay Gatsby ( Leonardo DiCaprio ) , his cousin Daisy (Carey Mulligan) and her philandering husband and blue-blooded , Tom Buchanan ( Joel Edgerton ) .

12 years of a slave, was the first film to emerge as absolute favorite for a Oscar, but the arrival on the scene of criticism can change the game and American Hustle (David O. Russell ), both with 7 nominations in the main categories likely .

Run out movies Butler as best director ( Lee Daniels ) , Best Film, Best Actor (Forest Whitaker) , Best Supporting Actress (Oprah Winfrey) and Captain Phillips , which tells the history of an American ship captain Richard Phillips ( Tom Hanks ) who is assaulted and taken hostage by Somali pirates , and the American patriotic taste.

The Oscar next year is being called ” Oscar Buzz ” , forecasting indicated that commenced with names Sandra Bullock (Gravity) , Tom Hanks ( Captain Phillips ) , Oprah Winfrey (Butler) , Meryl Streep (August : Osage Country) and Jennifer Lawrence (American Hustle).

Oscar nominees this year will be announced on January 16, 2014 , and the awards ceremony will take place on March 2, 2014 , the Brazilian animation has a tough match: The Croods, The Frozen Adventure and Me Despicable 2, but a brazilian animation has a chance;