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Changes in post-war and hope

07 Jan

Their analysis follows , and despite the post-war there was ” immense hope in a new worldQuedaDoMuro of peace and justice … weakening or in ignorance of the Red Army brought not liberation , but another servitude and colonialism that will relaunch its influence in Africa and Asia … the Cold War begins in 1947 ” (page 29 , the book Earth – Homeland Edgar Morin and Anne B. Kern, we are analyzing here) .

” Despite passing openings , antagonisms of the two great systems maintain its virulence until 1985 and exasperate during the Afghanistan war ” (p. 27 ) .
But “the withering away of the myth of ‘ real socialism ‘ , started with Kruchtchev report continued repression of the Hungarian (1957 ) and the Prague Spring (1968 ) , The Myth of Chinese socialism also languishes in 1975 ( the ‘ plot ‘ of Lin Piao , the case of the Gang of Four ) , as well as the myth of releasing Vitename ( subjection of Cambodia ) … the reforming process of perestroika , which leads to implosion of communist totalitarianism and the dismemberment of its empire (1987-1991) , did ruin the great religion of earthly salvation that the nineteenth century had developed to suppress the exploitation of man by man … “(P. 28 ) .

The subsequent period seemed to show that ” the laws of the market and free market principles apparently triumph ” (p. 28 ) but ” the convulsions of post – communism accelerate and amplify a formidable process of return to the past , tradition , religion , ethnicity born all over the world , the crisis of the future [ that the authors return in Chapter 3 and we made this blog a relationship with technology in the text of Alvin Toffler ] and startle identity against homogeneity. ” ( p. 29 )

Although the analysis may seem chaotic, and it is towards complex, there is a prospect of unity in diversity in the homeland-world environment that builds on this analysis, but is necessary others “walls” similar of Berlin will be destroyed.