Arquivo para January 10th, 2014

Sketches of a planetary consciousness

10 Jan

The atomic threat (initiated by the West in second War) Consciência Planetariacontinues to be a factor present , remember the recent episode of the tsunami in Japan that affected nuclear plants Hiroshima, Edgar Morin and Edgar B. Kern initiate the issue of planetary consciousness”, analyzing this issue together with the ecological issue and “the entry of the Third World ” until then just a plaything in the hands of the economic struggle of the most developed countries .

“Decolonization the years has raised proscenium 195-1960 Globe 1.5 billion human beings hitherto thrown by the West in the dustbin of history” (p. 34 ) and that humanity “inspire fear or compassion , his tragedies , its shortcomings , its mass force us to relativize our permanent euro- Western difficulties … the problems of the Third World ( demographics , supply , development) are increasingly felt as the problems of the world itself “(p. 34 ) .

This has advanced a unit of man on earth, “despite all the setbacks ethnocentric” (p. 34 ) which can be seen in the anthropological works of Levi – Strauss, Malaurie, Castre, Jaulin “and films and documentaries mentioning several among them Derzu Uzala, Akira Kurosawa  who speak in a new way of “primitive” people.
It’s something new that Western culture tries to regain consciousness lost in thought of modernity , he sees the man only as “Awareness is the immediate perception of the subject of what ‘s going on inside or outside” in dicionaire, or as the relationship with their instruments of production, consumption , or in the case of science , with the objects of study , but is not yet an awareness of the world , planetary , who see everyone and everything with a relational and human sense .

The planetary consciousness of wars , economic and social problems are growing prisoner is subject-centered vision, and ecology is the first attempt to free the consciousness of an anthropocentrism, is what I call home – world, to be greater than the Homeland Earth, although this global perception of the subject is very importante mas isn´t complete.