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First physical library without books

17 Jan

A few months ago she began to operate, and was verybiblioTech well received by the public, but some questions must be made since the very news opinion say an Apple Store , with librarians imitating Apple’s robes “with matching shirts with hood.” Ask the Library called BiblioTech mimic the Apple Store , the news from the Associated Press says : ” The Texas saw the future of public libraries , and they look a lot like an Apple Store : rows of iMacs bright beckon . mounted on a table tangerine-colored iPads invite readers . And hundreds of other tablets are ready to be taken by anyone with a register in the library.”.

Looking at the pictures of the interior BiblioTech  it seems to be a common store and not a library , perhaps a laboratory information system some college but not a library , even modern libraries with cultural sights and plenty of space .  The building where the BiblioTech has 45 iPads, 40 laptops and 48 desktops to be accessed by its visitors , who can browse through a catalog of 10,000 e-books .

The person who does not have a tablet or e -reader can also lend the device to read the digital version of the book at home, she can pick up one of the machines and rent it are 600 traditional e-readers and 200 other child-oriented , not necessarily Apple.

For while there is much discussion of the future of books , whether they be digital only , or if there is still space for their physical forms , to see our libraries can begin preparing for two scenarios : one in which everyone reads only versions digital works without the need to carry heavy books , and those who feel that contact with the physical book you need and not open his hand.

If the future would be cruel with physical or not , books do not yet know , but the mission of libraries is to share information and can enable , among others , the two services.