Arquivo para January 21st, 2014

The homeland-world and being-in-world

21 Jan

Is credited to the objects, and also the technology, the ideaNovoMundo would be that the externality that actually preclude man from doing this ethical , moral and so find your being , but this opposition between the inner and outer being is not true if not understand what is being said as Mafalda de Faria Blanc, ” leaving themselves and hide the body of the postpone things around and urgency of action” (p. 11 of the book Introduction to Ontology, Piaget Institute , Portugal  2011) .

Citing the philosopher Gabriel Marcel, the author says “immersed in the density of the ‘ontological mystery’ … man lives often oblivious of it, preferring to grips with the enigma of existence , the hideout next to it immediately presents itself, then seeking an illusory comfort against the constitutive uncertainty of living” (pp. 11) and therefore this does not refer technology or any specific object of the contemporary world, but everything.

So what bothers contemporary man ? reply to the author that there are some “unavoidable” situations that the ” immediate means of feeling “or other sudden experience” opens and discover and there it is” (pp. 11 , emphasis added) and astonishment in doubt, admiration or distress “revealing to us already being in the middle of the other ones” (p. 11).

I mean in the words of Heidegger , the great master of contemporary ontology , there is a forgetfulness of self from one, understood this two way, as the author explains: “In the first case, means directly and formally the essence , ie , the entity (ousia) , principle of activity and intelligibility of the thing , as regards the ‘nature’ or ‘quiddity’, which is the definition object”  (pp. 13), i.e the thing or be like “enti”-ity .

Means that we launched the “action”, which ” is part of the essence , and its expressive dynamism possibilitação to seek to explain the emergence of existence” (pp. 13).

All very complicated? think about how often questioned the very existence , and many times within the very essence of your being able to find peace and happiness, not in situations of leisure, pleasure and other immediate things , but ” within your being ,” we exchanged feelings for immediate serenity, which incidentally comes from the word “be”.

The homeland-world requires a “man-world”, a full and be more serene able to share the planet with other beings.