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Ontological pragmatic

30 Jan

View all this context gnoseological reduction and logic of ontology,QuatroDimensões the author turns in the third chapter to the presentation of a pragmatic concept ontology.

Proposed for this account four main levels: the phenomenological , hermeneutic , the poetic and metaphysical.

The first level means access to be as a phenomenon that will highlight your appears and this will differentiate you from the ontic aspect, as she explains it is the fundamental dimension of matrix ontologic (pp. 33).

The hermeneutic level refers to as the appear of being, ie , define the scope and character of its truth , “the structures of thinking and discursive articulation of being” (pp. 33 ) .

Follows the poietic level, so named because of its constructive character, “should draw up detailed structures of being”, referring to the ontic plane, which was initially abstracted , for methodological reasons.” (pp. 33)

And at last develops the metaphysical dimension, “returning to the phenomenological plane appears, takes it and transcends it in further, opening the ontology to a space of perhaps theological questioning.” (pp. 34)

The important thing in this method is that ” being requires a specific type of intellectual view , where , missing all the conditions of uniqueness , thinking experiences the immediate presentation of the ‘ thing itself ‘ (die Sache selbst ) . ” (pp. 35 )