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Ontology: between tradition and innovation

31 Jan

In the final three chapters of the book Introduction toNovoAntigoFoto the ontology of Malfada F. Blanc we are reading it develops three complementary dimensions phenomenology of being: hermeneutics , the poietic and metaphysics.

I highlight a special topic , which is the one dedicated to human poietic , pages 94-113 , which in its final topic discusses the make of the story: between tradition and innovation.

In this passage the author notes a “certain negative view of modern mass society ” , with some influence of Max Weber, that “prevented him from exploring the existential and metaphysical virtues of intersubjectivity” (pp. 113 ) .

Retrieves this context readings of Martin Buber : ” an attitude of ownership and not a dynamic of participation and giving, that being-there in other reaps – common in world history – likely to be , without ever truly leave they transcend and mean.” (pp. 114 )

Will emphasize Bruaire Claude , ” if the truth of the person is ek- sist from and a continuous gift of being , not being ground itself, then their freedom can only consist of a power nod or refuse the motion of the donation , founding and spiritually through “(pp. 114 ) citing this author .

And retrieves the concepts of Nédoncelle, which states ” if love is a mutual promotion of consciousness reciprocity of gift … it is not effective but without the dimensions of moral, social and historical “(pp. 115 )

So just out of the scope of philosophical discourse, affirm “its dialogic realization does not occur outside the company but it and through it”, showing the dynamism of selfhood, pointing to the reading of Xavier Zubiri on the dynamic structure of reality.

So stresses that man walks progresses and making history, becoming the risk shared person and community (pp. 116 )