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Exhusted, Framented Politics and networking

31 Oct

PoliticaThe policy we have today in the world and not just here level, was well summarized by Edgar Morin in his book, “Earth Homeland”, showing that the diverse aspects of contemporary life are fragmented and exhausted that includes economics, technical, medicine, biology, etc. and the various manifestations of discontent in the networks are not heard.

Morin says you have to take a “man” who “should take the multidimensionality and all human problems, but without becoming totalitarian” (Morin, 2001, pg. 155).

This policy needs “technicality, of scientism, but should not undergo the specialization system that destroys the global, and the fundamental responsibility” (ibid, pg. 155).

Although numbers are presented by sector, is in overall everything is extremely flawed, there is no indication of change unless what Morin calls himself “providential and religious way, totalitarianism expressed characteristics of contemporary politics that touches all aspects of human life “(ibid, p. 154).

The social media networks are forms of empowerment and answers the absence of a comprehensive policy able to respond to social demands, which also sometimes is subject to manipulation, but it becomes a stronghold for consciousness realize that the absence of a global policy, which makes the harmonic ensemble of the social forces advance.

Morin, E. EarthHomeland: A Manifesto for the New Millennium, Advances in Systems Theory, Complexity and the Human Sciences, 1999.


Big Bang, evolution and Christianity

30 Oct

CriaçãoBigBangPope ends with a pointless debate, but on secular conflict about scientific theories and religious issues, showing that these thoughts are reconcilable, although it is necessary to maintain the distinction between mysteries and scientific paradigms.
It was during a speech this Monday (27/10) spoke explicitly of the Theory of Evolution and the Big Bang as real phenomena and criticized the interpretation of Genesis, the book of the Bible, believing that God “has acted as a wizard with a wand magic capable of creating all things, “but added the creation of the world” is not the work of chaos, but derives from a supreme principle which creates out of love, “and concluded that the Big Bang” does not contradict the creative intervention, but requires “that is, there was an intention in the creation of the universe.
The Pope added that “the evolution of nature is not incompatible with the notion of creation, since it requires the creation of beings that evolve,” and of course we will continue to evolve.
The Big Bang is the explosion which occurred about 13.8 billion years ago which led to the expansion and creation of the entire universe, while the theory of evolution is due to Charles Darwin (1809-1882) which states that there was an evolution of living beings and they are not immutable.


On my left and networks

28 Oct

AminhaEsquerdaEdgar Morin book brings together 23 sparse but revealing texts, some unpublished, others that complement the book this extraordinary philosopher who call Earth-Homeland, meeting fundamental reflections for our time and especially for our country.

Among many deep thoughts, find a key on page 16: “An invisible component of the crisis is policrisis thought,” Morin calls policrisis: interdependent crises of the economy of Western civilization, the traditional civilizations, the development, we are dealing with placebos cancer of a society in decay.

This crisis can be called a cultural crisis, especially in the West is clearly evoked by Morin: “We must effectively designing the ambivalence of globalized development. It introduces material progress in all areas, but it causes spiritual and moral “developments (Morin, On my left, p. 16).

He is convinced that we can benefit from the “virtues of the knowledge society”, “but which is in fact a society of dispersed knowledge and compartmentalized, whose dispersion and compartmentalization prevent reattachment of this knowledge in order to consider the fundamental and global problems our century. ”

Morin who fought in the French resistance against the Nazis, which is a global name of progressive thinking, condemns the thought of what he calls “resentful Left” and “caviar left”, unaware of the massive challenges we called in our time, says Morin “the policy is both very exhausted and overwhelmed with problems of thought,” here and throughout the world people are thinking about a small world around us, the “party” that twist and not in large social and national problems, while very in some small alms to shut the mouths of the hungry.

Globalizing Morin is to “promote the economic, social, cultural, everything moves towards joint cooperation unity of mankind,” the rest is football crowd.


Brazilian network in elections

28 Oct

AminhaEsquerdaThe numbers were impressive, the elections involved 48.3 million people on Facebook, almost 54% of users in the country, showing that elections are definitely on the era of electronic media networks.

The number is triple the previous record of the election period, when 227 million interactions recorded in India election this year, but in a country of 1.252 billion, ie six times more than Brazil and twice netizens, according to the Facebook itself.

The director of institutional relations of Facebook in the country, Bruno Magrana said to the news agencies that Brazilian elections were “one of the biggest events experienced on the platform this year,” but we still need to use dialogue and not to harm.

The attendance was bigger than the World Cup, when the social network reached three billion interactions, but largely by political demonstrations on the World Cup, although it is debatable effective politicization, the number of people who attended and opined it is important to the advancement of democracy in Brazil.


(Português) O ser do ente e as mídias

27 Oct

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(Português) Zuckerberg fala em mandarim

24 Oct

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(Português) Nuvem iCloud é invadida

23 Oct

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(Português) Operadoras taxam internet

22 Oct

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(Português) O otimismo, na Naruega

21 Oct

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(Português) Chrome e Android se aproximam

20 Oct

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