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The Internet of Things benefit the development

30 Jun

The potential economic value of the Internet IoTof Things (IoT) is being widely underestimated, and it could be worth more than $ 11 trillion a year, according to a new report by the McKinsey Global Institute, see in Washington Post.

The Trade Marks Registry gives six reasons why the IoT is being underestimated, which includes the sub-use of data generated by various sensing devices and other networked devices.

According to the institute’s analysts paint a big-picture economic outlook, seen exclusively in industrial sectors, while there is the primary concentration of opportunities in the market to Consume Commerce (business-to-consumer) of IoT and is missing a potentially much larger opportunity the business-to-business.

In addition, about 40% of the IoT’s economic value is fed by the interoperability device, which obviates the revenue opportunity in software and hardware for this.

McKinsey also argues the impact of the Internet of Things on world economies in development are underestimated and that these savings benefit of about 40 percent of economic gains compared with about 60 percent share of the developed world due to a mistaken view this is only for the advanced world.
McKinsey speculates some developing countries will be able to overcome the advances in developed countries because the installation of equipment or infrastructure with sensors and actuators will become a problem solved.
Finally, the Internet of Things will support new business models that are likely to correlate with how data is tracked and evaluated in real time, making the frontiers of technology and and no-tech companies can not be confused.


BBC develops remote control with the mind

29 Jun

Em parceria com a empresa This Place, a divisão de projetos digitais daiPlayer BBC desenvolveu em conexão com os conteúdos uma plataforma chamada iPlayer, a partir da qual pode-se quais programas assistir por meio de um aparelho que lê ondas cerebrais do espectador. Segundo Cyrus Saihan, chefe de desenvolvimento de negócios da divisão digital, em entrevista divulgada no site da BBC, o primeiro teste foi feito com dez funcionários da BBC e conseguiram usar e acionar o iPlayer, iniciando a transmissãod e um programa da TV. Saihan explicou, conforme o site, que este tipo de tecnologia poderá ser usada por pessoas com tenham algum tipo de deficiência que impeçam de usar o controle remoto. Ainda segundo ele, o o protótipo foi “feito para dar a quem faz nossa programação, nossos especialistas em tecnologia e outros usuários uma ideia de como isso poderá ser usado no futuro”, disse em entrevista ao site.
In partnership with the company this place, the digital arm of BBC projects developed in connection with the contents of a platform called iPlayer, from which one can watch what programs through a device that reads brain waves of the spectator.
According to Cyrus Saihan, head of development of the digital divide business, in an interview published on the BBC website, the first test was made with ten employees of the BBC and were able to use and press the iPlayer, starting transmissãod and a TV program.
Saihan explained, according to the site, that this type of technology could be used by people with have a disability that prevents them from using the remote control.
Also according to him, the the prototype was “made to give those who make our programming, our technology experts and other users an idea of how it can be used in the future,” he said in its interview.


Inventor do celular critica Apps

26 Jun

Mobile phone inventor criticizes Apps Martin Cooper, the creator of theMartinCooper first mobile “big” Motorola DynaTAC 8000X, told the Motherboard site shared his vision of the future for the technology and says that Apps are not the future for mobile digital technology.

In the interview he recalls that it was AT & T (the state of American telephony) that the concept of cell phone emerged, although the idea was limited, as was thought for use in the car and not as ordinary telephony as it is used today. At that moment mean for Motorola transfer from one location to another problem, namely as if users had a second fixed line, only integrated into the car, he explained to the site: “We believed, and still believed today that freedom means you can talk anywhere. ”

He believes that mobile telephony is still growing and will be as important as the invention of the wheel, but still need a few generations for the resource demonstrate its value, for it is reticent with the millions of applications that are in the virtual stores, which for it is a waste of installing and uninstalling stay functionalities without unified solution.

Suggests that the search for artificial intelligence solutions fail to shame voice assistants like Siri and Cortana and even extensions of Google Now type, which can be seen in tecmundo the reports may be obsolete.


Free software and security

25 Jun

A Free software and security concern for security grows in proportion to the number of users growsOpenSource and developed systems on the Internet, private companies seek to protect only your software, or are companies working safely. The concern of open source companies such as Linux Foundation is not new, but now the foundation announced, according to the Washington Post, which will invest $ 500,000 in three projects that address security problems in open source technology services. In terms of basic infrastructure, will invest $ 200,000 to improve the safety of Debian and Fedora operating systems, allowing the developer to verify the authenticity of binary distributions feature that will avoid the introduction of faults in the construction process and distribution systems code. Other $ 192,000 will go to the project False-Positive-Free Testing (false-positive-Free Testing), an effort to build an open source for TIS interpreter that can reduce false positives detections TIS Analyzer threats. Over $ 60,000 will go to Fuzzing Project, an initiative to coordinate and improve the fuzz testing technique of software that identifies security problems in software or computer systems. The funding follows the discovery of several critical bugs in open source technologies widely used.


New practice and communications in Science

24 Jun

A new culture in scienceOpenScience 

A new culture in science emerges in the world such digi with various proposals from a science most popular range and greater openness and access in communication is the Open Science (Open Science), comes in conjunction with the document opening trend started with the the arXiv and confirmed with various initiatives Open Publications (Open Access), and openness of science as the PLoS confirming a trend that also emerges in social networks. Under the banner of Creative Commons Science are publications of PLoS (Public Library of Science) and publishers BioMed Central and Hindawi, offering free users.In PLoS, all published articles bring synopsis written for the non-specialist public. An effort to make the content more accessible, there are also sharing spaces, laboratories and even complex data with researchers from around the world.In 2011, a game made headlines worldwide when several volunteers players deciphered the structure of a retroviral protein that is directly related to the HIV virus. Scientists do not know what it was such a structure, preventing the projection of other molecules that could block it, and the scientific problem solved in partnership with players, has been published in journals such as Nature Structural & Molecular Biology.In Brazil there was an international seminar in Rio de Janeiro and the other will be at USP.


A crise economica e as redes sociais

23 Jun

Ainda estamos ainda do rescaldo de uma crise que começou por volta deComprando 2008 na Europa, atingindo a Grécia em 2010 e Portugal em 2011, mas estava estabelecida em todo o mundo desde o início da “marolinha” nos anos 2003 e 2004, o problema é que deixamos de fazer direito nossa tarefa de casa.

A marolinha foi superada internamente no Brasil fortalecendo o mercado interno e oferecendo um grande número de comodities que financiaram este “progresso” que no fundo foi aparente, pois as chamadas políticas anti-cíclicas do governo foram desvendadas com os seus efeitos nas operações Lava Jato e Petrobrás, devido ás benesses do poder aos magnatas.   O quadro atual é de piora, segundo dados divulgados no dia 19/06 há um aprofundamento do que especialistas chamam de estagflação, combinação econômica de estagnação e inflação.

Os dados vêm no momento que diversos economistas fazem um manifesto de apoio a conservadora política econômica do governo, o professor José Márcio de Camargo da PUC-Rio entretanto afirmou: “O quadro de estagflação já existe desde o ano passado, mas agora ingressa num estágio mais grave”.

Para outros economistas, o quadro ainda que em estágio inicial, lembra as crises enfrentadas pelo Brasil nos anos 1980 e 1990, quando a inflação destruía a economia doméstica de muitos e enriquecia banqueiros e doleiros.   O próprio Ministério do Trabalho, afirmou que 115.599 trabalhadores perdem seu trabalho só no mês de maio, o pior resultado para este mês desde 1992.

A economista Cornélia Nogueira do Dieese (Departamento Intersindical de Estatística e Estudos Socioeconômicos, afirmou que a população deve lançar mãos das redes sociais na internet para divulgar locais com melhores preços e serviços e denunciar abusos, ela discorda da avaliação da equipe economia do governo que haveria agora uma tendência de queda nos preços: “Tenho a impressão que a coisa não está tão tranquila, não.   No ano passado, nesta época, a inflação estava muito baixa”.

Mas há gente religiosa que diz não haver crise nenhuma, é o fundamentalismo político.


Project can boost the Web

22 Jun

A project that is being jointly developed by Microsoft, Google, Mozilla and Apple can createWebAssembly a new Internet platform combining software written for excutar in native systems (OSs) and the Web reach, would make the web faster. The WebAssembly was initial result of the unification of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox teams, provides a lighter experience Web application load. Another effect is the “liberation of the programmer” because it helps the development programs in iOS dispute Apple and Google Android operating systems, the announcement of this project can be seen in the GitHub site. The project leader Luke Wagner told CNET that he is satisfied with the project, said: “I am happy to report that Mozilla has begun working with Chromium, Edge, and WebKit engineers on creating a new standard, WebAssembly” . At the basic level of the WebAssembly program provides a different way to let browsers run software written in C, C ++ or other languages, allowing the development of which is among the traditional programming languages ​​and machine code, which releases browser from the work of creating the machine code, and this is independent of the device hardware, allowing you to work in the language they choose. The common today is to develop JavaScript program that can be translated into machine code, with the Assembly Web programmer could develop many programs that would be between these two levels: the machine code and the high level of program that produces applications.


The climate issue heats up

19 Jun

The various mobilizations around the world meeting onPapaEnciclica climate issues in Paris at the end of the year, now had the official entry of Pope Francisco with a specific encyclical touching the water problem.

Tomás Insua, one of the co-founders of MCGC (Global Catholic Movement for Climate) of Argentina said on receiving the encyclical the hands of the Pope “to Francisco joked that we are competing with his encyclical. The endorsement of it to our work is very important to encourage awareness in Catholic circles globally as well as in order to get more signatures. ”

The climate conference has endorsement of respected UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change), and the path that is going through and the disclosure that has been going on, will be the largest climate summit with official participation from Copenhagen in 2009.

One of the goals of organizers and entities organizers in Ecology defense is to limit the rise of global warming by up to 2 ° C, ie, pre-industrial levels, as many scientists warning that current levels are problematic.

The realization of the Climate Conference will be between November 30 and December 11, 2015 and promises


Libraries and reading is the basis of education

18 Jun

The methods and the reading means may change, but we must ensure the future of education by encouragingEnsinoFundamental the practice of reading and libraries are still the institution that guarantees access to most of the population and especially people who do not have purchasing power to have access to books and culture.
The country is lagging behind in this aspect if we are to ensure that the law targets required for reading Brazilian Law No. 12 244 of the 24 May 2010 is reached, we have a deficit of 64,300 libraries in public and private schools in the country.
The legislation seeks to ensure that by the year 2020 we have a collection of at least one book for every student enrolled both in public and in private.

The data were collected by Qedu portal, the Lemann Foundation at the request of Brazil Agency itself from the Brazilian School Census 2014 and the data also show the deficit of the very existence of libraries in public schools that show that even in the South 77.6% of public schools have library in the North just 26.7% 30.4% while in the Northeast, the Southeast ratios are 71.1% and 63.6% Midwest.

Indexes are also negative as it sees the data that 86.9% are public libraries in high school while in grade school the index drops to 45%.
The digital readout is not contradictory with reading books, the data show that on the contrary, the digital reading is immediate and often short and fast in the digital environment can lead to greater interest to complete works, but this should be educated since elementary school.


Scientists hope that the Brazil ratifies agreement

17 Jun

Significant progress has been made in scientific andBiodiversidade environmental area since it was given the call Nagoya agreement, a protocol that provides for access to genetic resources and fair and equitable sharing of benefits from their use, which was established in the 2010 Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in the United States.
The Brazilian executive director of the CBD, Braulio Ferreira de Souza days during an event last Thursday (11/06) at the University of São Paulo pointed out that “one of the preconditions posed by various sectors in Brazil to discuss the ratification of the Protocol Nagoya was the first country to approve a national law that dealt with the access to genetic resources and the sharing of benefits “.
As now we have the approval of the new law of Brazilian biodiversity, we hope that this year the National Congress ratifies the protocol, Braulio said the USP event.
The international agreement is in force since October 2014, with 50 ratifications that were essential for its implementation, we hope that Brazil is part of this protocol.
According Braulio, Brazil has respect and international recognition for their actions in the environmental area, but can not disappoint in this regard as fundamental, as it has yet (being lost to deforestation each) one of the greatest biodiversity on the planet.