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Body, infinite and Noosfere

05 Jun

The infinite is seen from the ontology, and exactly how the philosopher Lévinas sees it, is but the ideaVasos comunicantes that the whole universe is a Being, and he lives a body life, as proposed by the philosopher Leibniz early modernity with his theory of monads.

The body metaphor is important because it means that each cell (Monad in the case of the universe) is subjected to a drive and is therefore living organically and communicates.
Heidegger wrote to Leibniz player: “The internal possibility of individuation [of being], its essence lies in the monad as such. Its essence is to drive “(Heidegger, p. 99).
“The drive is while this unifying, the nature of a being. Each monad always has its ‘constitution proposes originale’. This is delivered along with the act of creation.” (Heidegger, pp. 99)
Here overcome the dichotomy nature and culture, we might say the Monad individuated (not individualized because it remains in drive with the other), to establish their drive together with the whole universe (unifying) establishes the general culture as a result of this whole set of drives, and this refers to the act of creation or the Big Bang, or drive with the whole universe, and this gives us an organically living body mind.
But this body and the universe is not finite as the body of an individual being, so be as Lévinas thought from the third meditation Descartes: “I must not imagine that I can not conceive the infinite by a true idea, but only by the negation of that is finite, just as I understand the home and darkness by denying the motion of light: for, on the contrary, I see clearly that there is more reality in infinite substance than in finite substance and, therefore, that, somehow, I have in me the notion of infinite prior to the finite … ” (Meditations of the Descartes).
Teilhard Chardin called this whole body of Noosphere, because being a mystical understand also spiritually whole body communicates (noon spirit), and claimed that the whole universe is the body of Christ, was accused of pantheism, as Spinoza was and how could Leibniz be, maybe not today accused Levinas or Heidegger, after all these have the most generous idea of ​​Being, the mystical point of view.
All this may seem difficult, but it is simple if we use the metaphor of communicating vessels, in pot put water all rise, if we remove all water fall, each pot is a being, water is the drive, and all level the vessels is the culture at some point.
All we know of the universe today is only 4% that is the baryonic matter, the remaining 96% of matter and dark energy remains unknown, as Levinas says at the beginning of his book Totality and Infinity: “The truth remains hidden”.