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Jott, new media networks?

09 Jun

According to a report of TechCruch, the Jott app that works without a data plan or no Wi-Fi connectionJott is being appreciated and growing among students of American high school, says co-founder Jared Allgood app.
He says he came half a million active users in March, which means a significant increase for the previous 150,000 active users.
Allgood also said the growth is 15 to 20,000 users a day, which already puts him in the top 75 of Top raking social networking media in the US in March ..

What is the reason for all this? For teens who do not have a data plan or that parents limit access, podeno use their iPods and iPads to exchange a message to others in a closed network if they are in an area of ​​100 feet or at school.

According to data from Pew Research, about 88 percent of young people of 13-17 years have a mobile phone or smartphone, but not all of them get a data plan or a way to access the Internet during school hours, so this was the boost of new media.