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Fooling hackers and viruses on Facebook

11 Jun

VirusFaceAn Israeli company has released a software called Illusive Networks developed software that tricks hackers into believing they have found a way to steal data but without knowing whether they are true or false.
Although not directly related, a virus spreads through a Facebook post that invites you to do some bold poses of a beautiful young woman.
The virus spreads saying that you are over 19 friends and were tagged in this video? You should not create this link because it will choose 19 of his friends to continue spreading the virus and so on expanding into snowball.
The virus appears with a notification in your timeline, but stop there, you have not “contracted” the virus, one of your relationship contracted and sent to you if you do click contracting and spreading addiction, then DO NOT DO THIS.
Facebook says it is working to try to prevent this virus in the environment itself.
You could create something like the Illusive software where “targeted attacks” or “advanced persistent threats” are identified and pass false customer data in the case of this software credit cards and bank accounts.