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The contempt for the masses and the hierarchical elite

12 Jun

The media to despise, networks and any preparation even though science made by “mass”DerMassen term used by Peter Sloterdijk and his book “Die Verachtung der Massen”,  in english “Contempt for the masses”, (Estação Liberdade, 2002, p. is in brazilian edition), but it may well be replaced by an correct adjective: the “crowd.”

The book grew out of a dialogue with Elias Canetti and its diagnosis about the aggressiveness of the “mass” and held in a dialogue with Heidegger, Nietzsche, Foucault, Rorty (criticizes this your bet in an anti-philosophical stupidity) and some other curiously at times goes on to quote the theology of grace, and this is its keynote says that “lovers of smart masses” will say: “For this reason in the world grow like weeds those ethics committees that, like institutes the shattered philosophy, want to replace the wise. “(in brazilian edition, p. 99)

Immediately identifies the crowd neither passivity nor objectivity, but: “Just the fact that modern crowd, turned and subjectivized, becomes insistently mass called by their spokesmen and those who despise, already suggests that the rise to Sovereignty more can be perceived as an unfinished process, perhaps never-ending. “(p. 12)

Unlike other late modern, Sloterdijk stands: “The mass not in session and not reunível in postmodern society no longer has, therefore, a sense of body and spaces; He is not more converge and act, no longer feels its pulsating nature; no longer produces a cry together. Distances itself increasingly the possibility to move from their practice routines and indolent to a revolutionary sharpening. “(P. 21).

Hence arises the two contempt of the elite “engaged” and economic elite, he says: “Necessarily appears twice also the second contempt or scorn compound as low as offensive contempt of the elites by the new relaxed masses who do of their way of life the measure of all things and want to break free from its observer that despises; and as contempt of the masses and its broad language through the last elitists who know their goals despised by the mass and can sense that the organization in mass culture just once and for all what they care about. “(p. 70)

And clarifies the alleged “involvement” as: “This first committed human science does not forget its mission at any time. With methodical seriousness and strategic finesse it pursues its intended purpose: If you need to delete the very essence – because of essential differences to be denied – it will also pay this price “(p. 87).

The text provoked a controversy due to the future of humanity, so there is no end, only the mass wants to be the crowd, networks, blogs and anonymous heroes are there.