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Algorithm to paint creative

15 Jun

The paints can be considered depending on the creative influence of currents performers or artistsSimilares prior to define creative paints or which are only derived from a determined current, researchers Ahmed and ElGamal Babak Salek Rutger University developed a vision algorithm cyber sorting images.

They used concepts that can be called classemes (classemes) developed in 2559 a list of different types with a vector (a list of parameters) that classifies, which is described in the recent article by MIT Technology Review, USA.

The algorithm consulting a spleen of the art data containing images and notes on about 62,000 works of art and can be seen approaching the ranks of art history, but also showing how contemporary paintings use old features.

The history of the paintings have a large number of similar form of examples that already has previous traces of great influence on those who followed, for example, Leonardo da Vinci’s Madonna of 1469 and a child with a pomegranate, Goya 1780, even Monet or crucified Christ, 1865 and so on.

Others paintings are more derived, showing many similarities with those who came before and are therefore considered less creative.