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Intelligent agents are happening

16 Jun

In a recent article in CIO Australia, many new jobs areWatson being proposed to increase the services where intelligent agents can be used, they include: services to tag pictures and verify that these markings popular with users on Facebook, Baidu is working on a technology to put an adjoining voice capacity for its search engine allowing users to chat via smartphones or other devices, the Department of Defense and the Australian Technology Organization is trying a technology with intelligent agents to control autonomous drones operating in sea, land and air mapping using satellite and which seems particularly interesting IBM is training your supercomputer Watson to ask questions of human experts and help them with tasks such as drug discovery and document classification.

The report does not explain much of each of these surveys, but talk show-type question and answer, called Jeopardy in the US, the Watson computer won human.
The idea that we can classify documents and assist the organization in a universe with just enough disorder is a very simple idea because all chaos has an order, and complex because it requires the processing of billions of data, and therefore information, entropy which is a Indeed since the beginning of history but does not address something else that the very idea that it is possible to organize it is also possible to develop a process of self-organization, not automatic but likely to be suggestible and manageable.

Tom Simonite, author of an article in MIT Technology Review, described a test of the new feature Watson, made in the Environment Cognitive Lab of IBM in Yorktown Heights, New York, with a laboratory equipped with a conference room with microphones to listen and convey all what they say in the meeting, the software used there apparently takes all inputs speech and transcribes them in real time to feed it to the computer and Watson did this with various experts.

The area of ​​intelligent agents promises to be the next big disruptive technology of the decade.