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Project can boost the Web

22 Jun

A project that is being jointly developed by Microsoft, Google, Mozilla and Apple can createWebAssembly a new Internet platform combining software written for excutar in native systems (OSs) and the Web reach, would make the web faster. The WebAssembly was initial result of the unification of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox teams, provides a lighter experience Web application load. Another effect is the “liberation of the programmer” because it helps the development programs in iOS dispute Apple and Google Android operating systems, the announcement of this project can be seen in the GitHub site. The project leader Luke Wagner told CNET that he is satisfied with the project, said: “I am happy to report that Mozilla has begun working with Chromium, Edge, and WebKit engineers on creating a new standard, WebAssembly” . At the basic level of the WebAssembly program provides a different way to let browsers run software written in C, C ++ or other languages, allowing the development of which is among the traditional programming languages ​​and machine code, which releases browser from the work of creating the machine code, and this is independent of the device hardware, allowing you to work in the language they choose. The common today is to develop JavaScript program that can be translated into machine code, with the Assembly Web programmer could develop many programs that would be between these two levels: the machine code and the high level of program that produces applications.