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New practice and communications in Science

24 Jun

A new culture in scienceOpenScience 

A new culture in science emerges in the world such digi with various proposals from a science most popular range and greater openness and access in communication is the Open Science (Open Science), comes in conjunction with the document opening trend started with the the arXiv and confirmed with various initiatives Open Publications (Open Access), and openness of science as the PLoS confirming a trend that also emerges in social networks. Under the banner of Creative Commons Science are publications of PLoS (Public Library of Science) and publishers BioMed Central and Hindawi, offering free users.In PLoS, all published articles bring synopsis written for the non-specialist public. An effort to make the content more accessible, there are also sharing spaces, laboratories and even complex data with researchers from around the world.In 2011, a game made headlines worldwide when several volunteers players deciphered the structure of a retroviral protein that is directly related to the HIV virus. Scientists do not know what it was such a structure, preventing the projection of other molecules that could block it, and the scientific problem solved in partnership with players, has been published in journals such as Nature Structural & Molecular Biology.In Brazil there was an international seminar in Rio de Janeiro and the other will be at USP.