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Free software and security

25 Jun

A Free software and security concern for security grows in proportion to the number of users growsOpenSource and developed systems on the Internet, private companies seek to protect only your software, or are companies working safely. The concern of open source companies such as Linux Foundation is not new, but now the foundation announced, according to the Washington Post, which will invest $ 500,000 in three projects that address security problems in open source technology services. In terms of basic infrastructure, will invest $ 200,000 to improve the safety of Debian and Fedora operating systems, allowing the developer to verify the authenticity of binary distributions feature that will avoid the introduction of faults in the construction process and distribution systems code. Other $ 192,000 will go to the project False-Positive-Free Testing (false-positive-Free Testing), an effort to build an open source for TIS interpreter that can reduce false positives detections TIS Analyzer threats. Over $ 60,000 will go to Fuzzing Project, an initiative to coordinate and improve the fuzz testing technique of software that identifies security problems in software or computer systems. The funding follows the discovery of several critical bugs in open source technologies widely used.