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Inventor do celular critica Apps

26 Jun

Mobile phone inventor criticizes Apps Martin Cooper, the creator of theMartinCooper first mobile “big” Motorola DynaTAC 8000X, told the Motherboard site shared his vision of the future for the technology and says that Apps are not the future for mobile digital technology.

In the interview he recalls that it was AT & T (the state of American telephony) that the concept of cell phone emerged, although the idea was limited, as was thought for use in the car and not as ordinary telephony as it is used today. At that moment mean for Motorola transfer from one location to another problem, namely as if users had a second fixed line, only integrated into the car, he explained to the site: “We believed, and still believed today that freedom means you can talk anywhere. ”

He believes that mobile telephony is still growing and will be as important as the invention of the wheel, but still need a few generations for the resource demonstrate its value, for it is reticent with the millions of applications that are in the virtual stores, which for it is a waste of installing and uninstalling stay functionalities without unified solution.

Suggests that the search for artificial intelligence solutions fail to shame voice assistants like Siri and Cortana and even extensions of Google Now type, which can be seen in tecmundo the reports may be obsolete.