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The Internet of Things benefit the development

30 Jun

The potential economic value of the Internet IoTof Things (IoT) is being widely underestimated, and it could be worth more than $ 11 trillion a year, according to a new report by the McKinsey Global Institute, see in Washington Post.

The Trade Marks Registry gives six reasons why the IoT is being underestimated, which includes the sub-use of data generated by various sensing devices and other networked devices.

According to the institute’s analysts paint a big-picture economic outlook, seen exclusively in industrial sectors, while there is the primary concentration of opportunities in the market to Consume Commerce (business-to-consumer) of IoT and is missing a potentially much larger opportunity the business-to-business.

In addition, about 40% of the IoT’s economic value is fed by the interoperability device, which obviates the revenue opportunity in software and hardware for this.

McKinsey also argues the impact of the Internet of Things on world economies in development are underestimated and that these savings benefit of about 40 percent of economic gains compared with about 60 percent share of the developed world due to a mistaken view this is only for the advanced world.
McKinsey speculates some developing countries will be able to overcome the advances in developed countries because the installation of equipment or infrastructure with sensors and actuators will become a problem solved.
Finally, the Internet of Things will support new business models that are likely to correlate with how data is tracked and evaluated in real time, making the frontiers of technology and and no-tech companies can not be confused.