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Open Science 2.0

17 Jul

In 2008, the researcher Ben Shneiderman of the UniversityScience-2_0_HL of Maryland wrote an editorial entitled Science 2.0 and that was patented.

In this article Shneiderman argues that Science 2.0 is the one who studies social interactions “real world” with sestudo of e-commerce, online communities and other audiences outside the strictly academic world.

After this a Wired magazine writer he criticized Shneiderman’s view, suggesting that what is called by Shneiderman more collaboration, more real-world tests, but this progress should not be called “Science 2.0” or “Science 1.0” but simply science.

But recent articles like these days of Seed Magazine, claim that, since this was an issue much debated, with the use of websites, blogs, shared knowledge network made the science becomes more accessible to more people around the globe than we could have imagined 20 years and these elements were needed to transform Science 2.0 became “”visible” and having “infrastructure” available across the globe.

The reports discussed in this article Seed says that facts and data were established in magazines that show are moving towards greater openness.

Some readers online help networks; others allow commenters to post links to websites. Other papers are accessible after a certain period of time has elapsed.


Crowdsourcing of the smartphones

16 Jul

Is it possible to compete with the big brands and create thousands of CrowdSmartphonessmall business smartphones in the world? it seems so, is proposing the Shenzhen Zuoer Technology, which promises to help customers who want to build their brands around the world.

The customer chooses from a list of options like a menu from a pizzeria, and may enter the cellular industry for only $ 1,000, even without prior experience, the ultimate goal is to create a brand of smartphones with standard components to a price can reach $ per unit, incredible but true.

Accept applications by a minimum order of 50 units, Zuoer ride your own external plastic housing with LCD screens, circuit boards and batteries from other manufacturers. So any customer, anywhere in the world can compete with Samsung in the international mobile market of $ 410 billion in less than six weeks.


Simbolismo of Evil construction

15 Jul

You have to understand the possibility of truth and hermeneutics, SymbolismoEvilunderstood as the search for a truth outside of relativism, of Manichaeism and ambivalence, Ricoeur says it takes an act of confessing the “symbol” and the act of confession and “this confession is word, a word that man speaks about himself “(Ricoeur, 1982, p. 167) and that means recognizing a fault linked to Augustine of Hippona, the guilt of an” absence of good. ”

Thus the symbolic hermeneutics of evil, expressed precisely a divide separating and aggregates, the man fallibility and guilt: the possibility of falling and the effective fall.

But because it is symbolic because it is the possibility of bankruptcy, means the structure of human reality that because of their lower resistance, offers a point of vulnerability that allows evil (Ricoeur, 1981, p. 159), and this limit means :

“… To say that the very limitations of a being that does not coincide with himself is the weakness originates from which emanates evil. And of course, evil does not precede this weakness but it ‘if põe’. This paradox is the symbolic center of evil (Ricoeur, 1982, p. 162).

E le reveals this weakness, being the finitude and infinitude, dating back to Descartes (see Cartesian Meditations Husserl) but that it contains the finite understanding of man and the infinite will, be nothing before and nothing before of being in this sequence .

This is where the ontology ricoeuriana points a new way, as it is essential for him to be on the Other, expressed in various works: otherly and the Other with self, he unveils definitely in this work, this intermediate characteristic “it is precisely in its act of existing identity and the act of performing mediations between all types and all levels of reality in and out of itself “(Ricoeur, 1982, p. 27).

The paradox between finite-infinite is precisely to have “a global view of their non-coincidence with itself, its disproportion, which conducts mediation because there” (Ricoeur, 1982, p. 28), and for this disproportion is that “converts the human limitation in synonymous with’falibilidade'” (Ricoeur, 1982, p. 150).

But we can not fail and go bankrupt, that is, redirect to infinity after the fall.
RICOEUR, Paul. The symbolism of evil, 1982


Ambivalence and evil

14 Jul

A concept very developed today, of late modernity is the idea of OMalambivalence, modern version of Manichaeism, and the idea that we are always between two poles, we talked about the infernal dichotomies (subjective objective X; X nature culture).

I believe that agreeing with Augustine of Hippona, that evil is the absence of good, and the profound book of Paul Ricoeur The symbolic of evil, which is the second volume of Finitude and Guilt work, written in 1960 is the founder thought of this contemporary philosopher.

Like any philosophy of issues and no answer, what the philosopher want to respond, can be read in the preface of the book “From the beginning of the end, the sovereign consciousness root of science and full autonomy of the human, becomes now in problem to clear up as the experience of ill will just brings to light its opacity and still puts the question about the meaning of the human race”. Is he sapiens or demens? It will be condemned to tragic or salvation? Will be given at the outset, or arises first lost and widespread, need to take ownership? “Are current issues at the end of an era. We must first understand, as stated Alain Thiomasset (1995, p. 35), the works of Ricoeur must be read “as dialogues with thinkers he crosses over his ways”, and not as metaphysical digressions or philosophical or theological presuppositions.

As good phenomenologist, recognizes the importance of the “thing in itself”, but he sees that came in missing a dip in the intentionality of Husserl, the Greek epoché able to launch awareness out of herself, we would say one thing beyond other by Intent.

Taking this background that deeply penetrates the Ricoeur considers that idealism, that beyond the critique of Husserlian idealism, phenomenology remains the unsurpassable hermeneutic assumption that it can not point more to be without it.

(cf. Ricoeur, 1989, p. 64). Ricoeur, P. O mal um desafio à filosofia e à teologia, SP: Papirus, 1998. Ricoeur, P. Finitud y Culpabilidad: el Hombre Labil y la Simbólica del Mal. Madrid: Taurus Ediciones, 1982.


You can change your life

13 Jul

It looks like a religious appeal, but it is not the German philosopher Peter Sloterdijk used this feature to enter the heart of this appeal, which is nothing more than a transcendentalism the kantina fashion, VoceMudarSuaVidawhich fell like many religious in postmodernity.   Not by chance, in you have to change your life is the development of what the philosopher called “absolute imperative”, in a harder and appealing way that the Kantian categorical imperative which is far from what you want the religious, the core of contemporary individualism, for it is you and not “we” that changes.   So who wants to change himself, somewhat old-fashioned concept “exercise” because it is less concerned with the transformation of the products than with the metamorphosis of himself, the famous in-itself of Kant and Hegel later.   That’s how the author identifies in addition to religious practice, many practiced various exercises types of exercise as a kind of “asceticism” and will find them in various corners of the world, both walls of convents as the bed of a fakir, but may also be highly specialized sports.   Sloterdijk calls “vertical tension” the human impulse to overcome himself and, from a relatively comfortable base and climb to the top.   What this has to do as our “crisis”, the author still ask: Why should I change myself? Who, incidentally, has the right, the authority to speak to me? It’s a fair and broad question, even in the religious world.   According to Sloterdijk, is the crisis itself that is speaking, whether economic, cultural, moral or ecological (I would add religious).


Spiritual Alzheimer’s, what is it?

10 Jul

O papa em passagem pelo Equador deixou de lado o discurso que tinha PopeEcuadorpreparado e convidou os “religiosos” a deixarem de lado este Alzheimer espiritual, mas o que é isto.  

Já no ano passado havia se referido a várias doenças, mas duas me chamaram a atenção para várias pessoas “que se achavam imortais, imunes e indispensáveis” ele afirmou “isto deriva da patologia do poder, do complexo de sentir-se um eleito e do narcisismo”.  

Outra doença de uma lista de 15 males e se referia da Cúria é o ‘excessivo trabalho’ e com ele o ‘endurecimento mental e espiritual’, que “impede chorar com os que choram e se alegrar com os que se alegram”; “o excessivo planejamento” e “a doença da má colaboração” em um mundo que fala agora de colaboração, os religiosos não sabem o que é isto, fruto da primeira doença querem apenas “mandar” e “seguidores”.  

O Alzheimer que o papa falou é sobre as nossas raízes sociais e culturais, que uma vez que progredimos socialmente nós esquecemos, disse textualmente: “é muito triste quando a pessoa vê um sacerdote (…) que em sua casa falava o dialeto ou falava outra língua – uma destas nobres línguas antigas que os povos têm – e se esquecem da língua. É muito triste quando não querem falar esta língua, isso significa que se esqueceu de onde vieram”, mas isto vale para intelectuais e pessoas do povo que esquecem a origem.   Mas há um Alzheimer filosófico e teológico, no século IV a conversão de Agostinho de Hipona, foi deixar o maniqueísmo da luta do bem contra o mal, para aderir a vivência e do testemunho do bem, que significa jamais ter Alzheimer espiritual.  

Também Tomás de Aquino que afirmou que a fé é um suplemento da razão, e não a exclui parece esquecida dos que padecem de Alzheimer fideísta e transcendente, mas cuidado fazer política equivocada pode ser uma das manifestações deste mal.  

Por último queria lembrar apenas o Mandamento Novo de Jesus, “eu vos dou um NOVO mandamento” amai-vos como eu voz amei” (Mt 22:39), mas que o outro seria assim ou assado, este é um Alzheimer crônico, amar só os que nos amam, diz a palavra “Não fazem isto também os pagãos?” (Mt 5,47).   O pão precisa de fermento e sal, mas se for muito fica ruim também.


European Union and open science

09 Jul

The European Union (EU) gave the green light for the project OpenDreamKitHorizon_2020 about  €  ​​7 million for the development of free software in high computing power interactive environments in the use of mathematical tools.

The project is inside in Horizon 2020, the EU has provided € 7.6 million to help finance an open source software project that will expand the capacity of computational mathematics and interactive computing environments.

Besides mathematics the project will also develop tools virtual computing environment by creating interactive documents can solve equations using computer code, with visualization of the data. Will be 15 academic and industrial partners participating in a four-year project and hope to revolutionize the ability to reproduce documents and data mining experiments of computational research. According to prof. Dr. Hans Fangohr the University of Southampton, both the objectives of the project as “… the approaches are closely linked to work in the community and Southampton courses our Computer Modelling Group Group and the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Southampton training in Computational Modeling Next Generation, “said the teacher to the site of the University of Southampton.

According to prof. Dr. Hans Fangohr the University of Southampton, both the objectives of the project as “… the approaches are closely linked to work in the community and Southampton courses our Computer Modelling Group Group and the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Southampton training in Computational Modeling Next Generation, “said the teacher to the site of the University of Southampton. For him the OpenDreamKit has “this commitment to developing cutting edge of these tools is a great opportunity to contribute with the tools that are of great value to many researchers and students in academia and industry.”

  Thanks to free software this will be achieved contributing to the Open Science.


The NO of Greece, dialogue and 7×1

08 Jul

Europe wanted to put Greece on his knees, failed with the victory of NO, GreciaLemmonand it is important an exempt analysis and abroad, there is no doubt that Greece should default is not willing to give, but only pay without the Greek people suffer even more, we need to find the cure, not the disease. In crisis scenarios one of the important steps is dialogue and not arrogance, the Greek finance minister resigned to foster dialogue, there are now three new possibilities: let the euro and establish a national currency, the collapse of banks rescued by zone euro while attempting to European support (if not sufficient), and convinces the government leaders of the eurozone agree to a revision of the agreement and then there is dialogue. Brazil also in that growing unemployment would be nice to relearn the respectful dialogue and sincere, inappropriate and unworthy of our current political, but not all, then those who really believe in the common good and the sustained levels of society must take the initiative to do thrive dialogue. Today marks one year of 7×1 from Germany, was just a game of football but that erupted in Brazilian soul as a tragedy of profligacy and opulence of the stadiums now known fruits of a scandalous corruption if oppressed street demonstrations and in the end lost opportunity to make a beautiful party … but we can take a lesson there. Greece made its lemon one lemonade, and we continue to reject the lemon juice, good flu walks in Brazil catching many people.


Moon walk and eco-tech

07 Jul

Called James´s reserves, It is 30 acres south of the mountain ranges Apollo11San Jacinto in Southern California, it is closed to the public, outside the circuit and cars are not allowed. But Sean Askay as a graduate student at UCLA in 2005, used Google Earth to create a visual interface for all cameras and sensors that are present in the park and are a lab studies for biologists, scientists in general and to commercial researchers. Sean calls this area “one of the most heavily instrumented places in the USA ‘, there to bird nests has automated cameras and sensors themselves spying on them. The station is a research field for biologists, being supervised by the University of California, Riverside, but virtual Askay the entire reservation, “she said to Wired magazine,” You can ‘fly’ and look at live video and graphics interior temperature of a bird box took the experience even further, using Google Earth to create a visual interface for all aqueusando all them cameras and sensors. “Basically, I built a representation.” Its design drew attention of the first designer of the Internet protocols Vint Cerf, and in 2007, one of the creators of the Google project and convinced Askay to move to Mountain View, California. Now Google Earth is creating an extraordinary software service combining satellite photos and other images to create a digital window on our planet (and other celestial bodies). Among other things he created a spacewalk next to Buzz Aldrin to reminding the moon landing Apollo 11, on arrival history of man on the moon in 1968 years.


Games made in Africa

06 Jul

AllanMuhkawana.Allan Mukhwana is not an employee of support groups, or a doctor of any country helping Africa, he is the head of a game studio called Momentum Core, which is in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi.


His company specializes in developing games with educational functions, and Allan developed a game to help more than 1,400 families in malaria risk rural areas in Kenya and his game teaches how to kill the mosquitoes that are becoming smarter when the player completes all levels of the game, the Kenyan government donates to a family living in malaria risk zone.


In an interview with BBC News, Allan said: “We aim to make learning about these important topics fun and engaging for players”, but of course with an underlying educational goal.


Marketplace Kenyan video games was $ 44 million (£ 28 million) at the end of 2013; Nigeria was valued at $ 71 million, according to research by PricewaterhouseCoopers.


It would be great if much of this money was using with educational purpose.