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The NO of Greece, dialogue and 7×1

08 Jul

Europe wanted to put Greece on his knees, failed with the victory of NO, GreciaLemmonand it is important an exempt analysis and abroad, there is no doubt that Greece should default is not willing to give, but only pay without the Greek people suffer even more, we need to find the cure, not the disease. In crisis scenarios one of the important steps is dialogue and not arrogance, the Greek finance minister resigned to foster dialogue, there are now three new possibilities: let the euro and establish a national currency, the collapse of banks rescued by zone euro while attempting to European support (if not sufficient), and convinces the government leaders of the eurozone agree to a revision of the agreement and then there is dialogue. Brazil also in that growing unemployment would be nice to relearn the respectful dialogue and sincere, inappropriate and unworthy of our current political, but not all, then those who really believe in the common good and the sustained levels of society must take the initiative to do thrive dialogue. Today marks one year of 7×1 from Germany, was just a game of football but that erupted in Brazilian soul as a tragedy of profligacy and opulence of the stadiums now known fruits of a scandalous corruption if oppressed street demonstrations and in the end lost opportunity to make a beautiful party … but we can take a lesson there. Greece made its lemon one lemonade, and we continue to reject the lemon juice, good flu walks in Brazil catching many people.