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You can change your life

13 Jul

It looks like a religious appeal, but it is not the German philosopher Peter Sloterdijk used this feature to enter the heart of this appeal, which is nothing more than a transcendentalism the kantina fashion, VoceMudarSuaVidawhich fell like many religious in postmodernity.   Not by chance, in you have to change your life is the development of what the philosopher called “absolute imperative”, in a harder and appealing way that the Kantian categorical imperative which is far from what you want the religious, the core of contemporary individualism, for it is you and not “we” that changes.   So who wants to change himself, somewhat old-fashioned concept “exercise” because it is less concerned with the transformation of the products than with the metamorphosis of himself, the famous in-itself of Kant and Hegel later.   That’s how the author identifies in addition to religious practice, many practiced various exercises types of exercise as a kind of “asceticism” and will find them in various corners of the world, both walls of convents as the bed of a fakir, but may also be highly specialized sports.   Sloterdijk calls “vertical tension” the human impulse to overcome himself and, from a relatively comfortable base and climb to the top.   What this has to do as our “crisis”, the author still ask: Why should I change myself? Who, incidentally, has the right, the authority to speak to me? It’s a fair and broad question, even in the religious world.   According to Sloterdijk, is the crisis itself that is speaking, whether economic, cultural, moral or ecological (I would add religious).