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The climate and urgent changes

20 Jul

The Paris conference the end of the year should moveClimate towards a new civilization level, and many social forces are mobilized for this, we are indicating a serious striking reports in recent studies on climate issues.

A shocking report was that of Health and Climate Change: Policy responses to protect public health” by a group of European academics and Chinese who were registered to a 2009 report in The Lancet, showing the public health impacts of expected changes climate (see the vídeo).

The study points to the vector-borne diseases, as well as the challenges of malnutrition, reaching to affect mental health.

The authors discuss how that countries are moving away from energy-intensive carbon technologies can improve public health today by reducing other types of air pollution, including particulate matter (PM) and nitrogen oxides (NO x).

The core of the discussion lies, the stronger is the use of energy technologies that produce greenhouse gases also often produce these other air pollutants simultaneously, cases of vehicles with diesel and gasoline, the use of coal plants, biomass (eg, wood and coal) used in industrial processes (e.g., mining, smelting and cement manufacturing) all produce as much carbon dioxide and particulate material.

The study also shows the economic figures, which are sometimes the only sensitive to many governments and financial agents.