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Big networking that is not digital

28 Jul

You can imagine that there is nothing more complex than a computer network, orMaersk even the global network which controls stock and currency exchange rates, plus a plethora of products that go up and down in price every day, but that’s not true, and some would say that we can’t get to build bigger.

There are very complex networks that you have no idea around. One of them was shown on The Verge, which are ships carrying door-containers all over the world, in a global supply chain that transports from tablets to phones, food clothing, toys and souvenirs, etc. And is a country that does not produce any of this, just carries: Maersk of Denmark.

See in the picture (original BBC) a ship Maersk a mega-port in Korea, for this we need a big engineering solution, unprecedented a logistics problem truly create astronomical this network all over the world, delivering products from different sources, validity and natures and do all this work.

The company your in 125 countries, has 25,000 employees, 345 offices and more than 600 active ships, with more than 2 million containers moved per year, and she alone is responsible for 20% of the GDP of Denmark.