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Is ended Bitcoin gold cycle ?

04 Aug

A year ago the bit had announced a sudden control of all your transactions, had suspended withdrawals on the grounds that it was necessary to correct a flaw that, among other possibilities, allowing someone with advanced knowledge change transfers completed to see covered in these as open causing values for the same transaction to be sent several times.

The suspension of withdrawals would be soon, butBitCoin was followed for months on end, so that even last year there was a most unexpected event yet, Mark Karpeles, CEO of MtGox, main operator of Bitcoin, announced the departure of the board of Bitcoin Foundation but without giving details.

For some the news was a positive sign: leaving the board, perhaps Karpeles could focus on solving the problems of MtGox, but after a year the case now get to go to justice according to The Japan Times. Karpeles is with the arrest warrant decreed since yesterday, to have manipulated and diverted to their own tens of millions of dollars, much more than the $ 1 million that his arrest warrant, according to police sources said on Monday (03/08).

For the closing of the company MtGox affect as little as possible the Bitcoin ecosystem, CEOs of exchange services Bitstamp, Blockchain, BTC China, Circle, Kraken and Coinbase issued a statement together where they explain that the market continues to be reliable and which closing of MtGox is exclusively due to their mismanagement, the shares on show slight recovery.