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Schools debate use of technology

05 Aug

A brazilian debate on the technology emerged in theLousaDigital television media and it struck much of the population as this medium is still quite favorite among adults, but as always the debate is directed and made by some schools and some “experts”. There’s certain things well and so curious as: “a child can use the app for no more than thirty minutes,” but where they got it, actually vary from person to person, and the important thing is the conscious use, for example: “Son we combine a time” and negotiating. After the program cited an educational video game that would be used by 28,000 children again draws attention to the exact number, if they were 27 983 I believe, and then asks a mother of a child named Emanuelle approving. “She was not following the class, but with the use of the application, she had a much greater interaction and managed to get along fast results,” find curious the result, of course the stimulus is important, but it is true for the application as for a book. Then come the experts with a “magic number”, children up to two years should stay away from technology and then with a moderate use, is laughable, the limit should be the age of the child literacy, or until it has given skill . Now enter diseases: “More than two hours (they were not thirty minutes?), I consider excessive. And the company believes it has been researched (where ???), because they get to have a lot of symptoms. The child may have a headache, body pain, irritability, aggressiveness, low school performance, “explains neurologist Christian Müller, chutômetro, but his clinic will fill with patients. There repressive final sentence: “parents have to keep an eye”, then use the outdated technique of reward, said a father who gave away a gift tablet ..: ‘I said, man, is now’. If you throw the pacifier away, the Fairy pacifier will bring you a tablet ‘, the child opened the trash can in the store,’ Where’s my tablet ‘, “he recalled his father. I am a afixionado technology, I’m sure it is final and should be used by children, but the questions remain: at what age? how often? how many hours? something I’m also sure: it is not the same number for all. We need to take education seriously, very amateurish and guesswork