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The root of the crisis is moral

07 Aug

At the beginning of the current Brazilian crisis, I heard of aCrise deputy to the Brazilian crisis was political, and that left the core support for the government, watching the unfolding of the crisis and seeing the attitude of government and opposition, now part of “part of the base support “from the government, with which he was elected, we see that there is a deeper crisis that is moral.

In any government in the world, corrupt when they were arrested, one of them in the middle of a government meeting in Ukraine, shock the society, but besides the lawyers are the few who venture to defend the treacherous, corrupt and intermediaries of public money, but here in Brazil is not the case.

Our motto is for all friends to enemies the law, if a friend we say that was the press is terminated, we need to establish the facts right, despite the billions and billions that every day appear in the accounts of these gentlemen ” worthy “defense.

Another fundamental problem is the lie, now do not deal with electioneering lies, that would be on its already odious, but there are those that even with some cynically say: crisis crisis, the problem comes out, we’re doing our best, etc. . etc.

Do not stop spending with bombastic programs with easy public money, why not just raise taxes, fines and so many ways to withdraw some money with inflation bordering on dangerous double digits.

But rest assured that the crisis is moral is the speech of sectors that should represent some moral reserve for the Brazilian people, and combine the greatest evils of Brazilian politics, free trade positions and salaries, agreements to rid corrupt and corrupting justice and a number of actions tit tat that deplete the moral reserve of the country.

Even the defenders of morals and good customs say, embark on the type appeals to other could be worse, which is worse than unemployment and inflation, free trade positions as political bargaining and mismanagement of public funds .

Lack leaders with moral reserve that say an end to the embezzlement of Brazilian politics.