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The ethos, the nature and the Self

14 Aug

The anthropocentric concept of ethics comes from the Greek ethos which means somehow culture, customs, basic habits that are reflected in institutions and affairs of the day and day values, ideas and beliefs of a certain community, time or territorial region.

The sense of territory could be confused with another ethos which is the abode of the Self, but for the Greeks who we are and where we live had a significance attached to the Other and Nature herself, a sense of “home” broader than what today We know it would be a Being-being.

This ethos reaches nature and therefore is not anthropocentric, we could decipher it as harmony and in a way that is what worries the Papal Encyclical “Laudato Si”, which is a concern “About Care Common Home” and this refers Nature and climate.

Disharmony and the rapid environmental deterioration reach around the globe and this is also concern of many current thinkers have written a post about the book “The world has no more time to lose” and wish to draw attention to the end of the Paris meeting the year and has already mobilized many social forces.

Walking through forests, allowing in natural spaces ecosystems develop, allow wild animals to live in their habitats, it seems every day more impossible, but there is something to directly affect humanity the effects of weather and water.

Our Being feel it, but to understand this One must understand that nature has “soul” and perhaps this anthropocentrism barrier has to be overcome: harmony of our “house”.