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New York Times x Amazon

18 Aug


Last Saturday (15/08) the New York Times ran a story about Jeff Bezos, CEO of one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world, and caused great controversy on the Web and major blogs such as The Next Web, and The Verge. The report described Amazon’s desktop as a kind of war of a stock exchange, where there was “a lot of pressure and intense dedication,” where employees were encouraged to “destroy” the idea of ​​others, but the report did not bring the positioning Amazon, although talk has an interview with an executive of the company. On the website The Verge, published a response officer Jeff Bezos, referred to the public as Amazonians and in which he stated that: “” cases that describe management practices shockingly insensitive, including people being treated without empathy, while enduring tragedies and serious family health problems.” He said the report is unrealistic and does not describe what is in fact working for the company “I work every day,” and states that “I do not recognize this Amazon and hope you did not” and gives his personal email case any employee wants to complain or say something to him. Attempts to end the controversy trying to give a relaxed tone saying, “I hope you’re having a great time working with a group of brilliant colleagues, helping to invent the future, and laughing a lot in this way.”