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Being, philosophy and techniques

21 Aug


In several post already pointed out the question of Being, the philosophical CoisasSerestradition of the Middle Ages I pointed out as the main object of philosophy, but to date we could say that is the being as being, well modernity sought this as the foundation of all beings. So it looks like we’re looking for answers like, because I exist? Who am I and why do these questions? but in fact the problem is because asking questions? Because out of your being is the other and stuff, and that’s where the man makes the experience of Existence, and this condition of all men are subject, so the relationship with others and with things develop a set of skills and “Technical” external. Understand the world and the relationship with others from my “know” and this means any such thing in my existence that is outside of me, in others and in things, so the philosophy is not simply think, but the discovery of existence and this can become aware. So there is only consciousness is something out of me, said the philosopher Edmund Husserl, consciousness is consciousness of something, and therefore it is impossible to have it without any technique, I venture to say that the technique is inherent in this consciousness to admit language such technology, that is, the technique with logos, according to a rationality. Thus philosophy is not only think, is the way of existence discover techniques that make this life more aware, happier and subsisting and then connected to how we exist. The biggest mistakes of philosophy is to distance it from the other while being and of things as object exists, I cause we are for each other and we exist because we have relationship with all things, including the language in these things, techniques and nature.