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Crisis of modern thinking

24 Sep

Husserl developed a long way of criticism of scientistic thought, from his Nihilismbook Crisis of European thought (Die Krisis der europäischen Wissenschaften und die transzentale Phänomenologie: Eine Einleitung in die Philosophie phänomenologische) Book maturity in 1936.

The origin of thought is mythological, and typical expression of the myth of culture is the rite set of actions, gestures and words that serve to maintain a unit originating, called Arché , a kind of timeless today.In the myth of culture, who is the object thought?

It is the whole social set, who’s the guy you think? It is not the individual but the social group even if it is separated into isolated groups, later in the city-state, citizens.With the emergence of the logos culture, there is no longer the relationship with the internal reality, everything is “out” of the unit, and appears self of the individual somehow without conceptual success in trying to establish a unit, Leibniz created the “monada” like substance originating from everything, and Spinoza a pantheistic reality with this God in all things.

The thinking cogito is thus a US, is no longer the divine that all-embracing and all-pervading: it is the multiple and varida changing things without being able to establish a unity between them, because the object is “outside” the self.

In this process I tend paradoxically to cancel because it falls in a relationship “logic” with the world around him, and this hidden object disappears density, and the subject’s relationship with the object is hidden.Existentialism and modern ontology try to uncover this relationship, steeped in nihilism and fetishism (the hidden relationship with the objects) and this is nothing but the highest expression of the crisis of Western thought.