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COP21 and G7

30 Oct

The cop21 and G7 Warm weather (at least in Brazil), heats up the race cop21Parisfor COP21, the Paris Conference on Climate Change, but the G7 wants to cool all, the club of the 7 richest nations in the world.

According to a study, which involved the Brazilian rooted in Switzerland, Marcia Rocha, which the G7 is proposing will not serve to stop the 2 degrees Celsius that greenhouse gas emissions will lead to the planet by 2030, the target will have accomplished something around 30 % of needed as inform the Centre’s Climate brazilian blog.

Analyses of Climate Analitics show that following the combined current policies, only achieve 5% of the “ambition gap” Canada a member of G & said with the target for 2020 would be increased by 35% the so-called INDC (Contributions Nationally Certain Intended) compared to 1990.

The report proposes three recommendations to the G7: significantly increase the ambition of their INDCs here to the Paris conference in December; to strengthen the current targets, the shear stress becomes smaller after 2020; arguing that review cycles of the new agreement targets are five years, not ten, to prevent unambitious goals end up running for a long time.

While the big mobilize, social networks too, around the world there will be demonstrations, in Brazil there is already a call by the networks in a demonstration for the 29th of November.


Because brazilian inflation rises

29 Oct

Soft loans and low interest rates were the government’s way businesses buyInflation and get more money for their campaigns, and BNDES is the epicenter of this hurricane. So little it is policy to increase the Selic brazilian rate, which theoretically would be a restriction on credit, the BNDES made loans of more than US $ 170 billion, which is larger than the World Bank, and maintains interest rate subsidy to the select group of “friends ” from the government.

It is one among so many lies, but this is a lie to the government itself, desperately trying to restrict credit to curb inflation, which has reached 9.85 % and is expected to hit the disturbing double digits by the end of the year.

Like the government or not is already the worst recession in 25 years, say all economists unless the government fundamentalists who ask the BNDES credit easier for entrepreneurs would not be against the high rates of Selic falling on the population.

Gross debt progressed to 65% of GDP and was 52% when the president took over in 2011, and the level that is this interest that becomes significant because it will undermine the country’s ability to invest, as interest rates making it even more prohibitive these debts.

The gross debt of the country grew to about 65 percent of its gross domestic product. When President Dilma Rousseff, who is trying to avoid impeachment, took over in 2011, the proportion was 52 percent.

Economists repeat the central bank “needs to raise rates significantly more than normal every rising inflation” and the government control your spending, but will it?


4K TVs or OLED?

28 Oct

The new TVs that star in the market are OLED (Organic LED – Light Emitting Diode)4kOLED and UHD (ultra) 4K (resolution 3840 × 2160 points), which in fact is the advantage of each?

When released the prices were prohibitive in Brazil but already falling approach of Full HD TVs and promise to retire them, perhaps along with the analog to be disabled already from next year.

Experts 4K is a noticeable limit to another human.

The TV 4K is an increment (update) in the technology of digital TVs with the increment of pixels (picture elements), or points on the screen, the miniaturization technology, while the OLED is in fact a new technology does not require ” Rear little lights “because they are LEDs.

With this the OLED screen and the TV thus are thinner, also allow curved screens such as LG, announced in 2014 in this blog site as the first in Brazil.

The “organic” of the OLED is formed by carbon compounds, emitting its own light and therefore are mild and well final.

The OLED may have to 4K resolution and therefore is competitive, and is expected to soon we have already OLED 8K, but the fight is on price, screen OLEDs curve 55 “are between 5000 and 10,000 reais ( or more), the 4K 2,900 reais to 7,000 reais


Technologies that can change our lives

27 Oct

Many things can impact our lives and change the way the market and evenMoleculaCO2 people behave, it is the case with many technologies, but there is still something to happen.

3D printers, grew 35% since 2011, the figures were moved around US $ 1.7 billion is over $ 3 billion this year and could reach 6.5 billion by 2019, according to assessment of Alliance Bernstein, and this may affect up to production mode.

Already posted here that Skype will be doing translations online in an attempt to compete in a space filled increasingly by WhatsApp, the sense of citizenship world will increase with this and the global village will becoming a homeland-world, as predicted Edgar Morin .

The company Joule Biotechnologies instead of using organic matter, we must stop the organic production for fuels unfortunately is the case of sugarcane and corn, are trying to accomplish genetic modification to photosynthetic organisms that use solar energy to convert carbon dioxide into ethanol and diesel which is carbon, and oxygen (C02). This may change the supply chain that depends on fossil fuels.

A changing world depends on the technology and they can and should affect human life, but of course, all decisions are taken by men (and women).


“Red carpet” for Mazzaropi

26 Oct

To time to understand the true history and identity of Brazil, we should look beyond the harsh reality that almostTapeteVermelho became a miracle, but not turned, studying almost unknown characters from literature and history of Brazilian cinema.

I watched almost by chance, a night in Hotel in Brazilian Northeast, the film Tapete Vermelho (Red Carpet), which tells the story of Quinzinho (Matheus Nachtergaele) who wants to fulfill the promise to take your child, and grudgingly also Zulmira (Gorete miracle, famous because: oh Poor) to see a Mazzaropi film.

The journey will the hinterland who live through ever larger cities, and go see the movie theaters turn into shops, bakeries, churches and facing curious and magical situations, a tribute to Mazzaropi, parading the culture of the common people of Brazil.

The film directed by Luiz Alberto Pereira, production Ivan Teixeira and Vicente Miceli, has yet beautiful music of Renato Teixeira is 2006 and should not have been overlooked.

The boy who played the son Neco, Vinicius Miranda was chosen at a selection of over 200 children, and the cast had the support of Taubaté theater groups and São Paulo.

Late congratulations! Worth seeing not only the actors, but the “Brazilian landscape”.


(Português) Em tempos de crise: ambiguidade ou ambivalência ?

23 Oct

Sorry, this entry is only available in Brazilian Portuguese.


Youtube launches “red” version

22 Oct

A paid version without ads left the suspicious digital world, is it the first step REdTubeto collect the famous application videos? Bought by Google, by chance or not the company released the name of a site adult site (RedTube), without this being explained in a reasonable manner to the public.

An executive of the seeker, said the product “is challenging,” but did not explain what was in fact the choice of color for the site, in a press conference, he said: “As we talk to users and fans in our studies, the term ‘red’ was often associated with YouTube.

He has a lot of meaning in terms of love and also the red carpet, “which is interesting but does not seem to explain a lot.When asked about the other site said emphatically: “We are not concerned with the other site,” it seems that the company believes may modify the “mark”.

The site The Next Web, the name associate a search by “Red” and “Tube” would fall in this service, but actually link these two things is not a happy idea.


(Português) Skype vai liberar chamadas

21 Oct

Sorry, this entry is only available in Brazilian Portuguese.


We were not or want to be modern?

20 Oct

The book We have never been modern by Bruno Latour is divided into five chapters, namely: Crisis, SaintPaulConstitution, Revolution, Relativism and redistribution.

Latour put in suspension the concept of modernity and says not only that it is ambiguous, but one should think that she got off the ground and speeches, despite being a period where the order is highly desired, due to lack of a project “unique” it causes hybridization of things and subjectsIt’s what Bauman, in his book Modernity and Ambivalence wanted to analyze, but in which she claims that modernity is more than what is-not and never has been, for it is liquid.Unlike Bauman will examine the roots of our thinking “modern”, where their groupings, and concept will be analyzed from scientists Boyle and Hobbes.

Boyle at a time when a dozen civil wars are triggered choose a method of argument, the opinion, derided by most antiquated scholastic tradition.

Since Hobbes discredits the whole Boyle device and says that there is only one knowledge, one only power if you want to put an end to civil wars, is the famous Hommo homini lupus (man is a wolf to man) from where its the came book Leviathan and where part of the whole contractarian tradition.Latour in his third chapter deals with the Revolution, we are in a final season, even though modernity has never fulfilled its role, the order, or “human pacification”, what Peter Sloterdijk says in his book “Rules for the human Park“, it project that failed.

Claims of revolutionary projects are having tried to go one last time the circle of pre-modern, encompassing all divine, natural and social beings, Marx argued that own in German Ideology, in order to avoid the contradiction of Kantianism between the role of purification and mediation.Latour explains that separated two dimensions (he says qualities) pure ontological, is the spirit a more subjective version, either of matter at its most objective version, ie separate things of the subjects gave what gave: Being Division .

Postmoderns believe that because modern are still accept the full division between the material and the technical world on one side, the language sets of the speakers of another subject.

Things like technology are part of human life, separating them is an onset schizophrenia, fragmenting be putting the “spiritual” life away from the concrete and human.

Latour, Bruno (1993). We have never been modern. Harvard University Press.


Aiding transparency on the Web

19 Oct

A second-generation tool, called Sunlight is being developed to enable SunLightgreater transparency in the use of personal data on the Web.

Such as Web browsing is becoming easier day, and every day the corporate monitoring our emails and habits are more and more exploited, the tool developed in the Engineering Department of Columbia University, USA, is to prevent and warn how and when our data are being used..

According to Roxana Geambasu, scientist at Columbia and Data Science Institute, “The Web is like the Wild West,” where “there is no oversight of how our data is being collected, exchanged and used,” and falling into the wrong hands can be used against us.

According to Daniel Hsu, another researcher of the group, the tool is the first to analyze numerous inputs and outputs together to form hypotheses that are tested on a separate set of data selected from the original.In the end, each hypothesis, and its input and output is switched on, is classified for statistical and second confidence Hsu “We are trying to find a balance between statistical confidence and scale so that we can begin to see what is going on across the Web as a whole “.

The researchers set the texts from 119 Gmail accounts, and for more than a month last year, sent 300 messages with sensitive words in the subject line and email body, and found, for example, crossing words “unemployed” , “Jew” and “depressed” were used to stop trigger ads for “easy auto financing.”

The tool of course, does not solve these problems, only denounces the existence of these cases.