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Why the brazilian crisis continues

03 Oct

The government won a respite with its allies, trying to make enemies, but actuallyDesUnemployement gained jobs, handouts and some relief in allegations of corruption, that is complicity. Economic and social data are worrying, the great justification unemployment to the salty measures in taxpayer’s pocket, the official marketing, is what justifies the R $ 458 billion data exonerations of taxes by the government, the billions “data” to big business.

For example, it is the justification of all the works in Latin America. This is not true as unemployment has risen across the country, in 22 states and in the Northeast surpassed the 10%, the new rich advertising was down.Another fallacy is that the Brazilian people, the majority of the poor would know to associate the growth of inflation with falling income, as only ingenious government economists can explain, in fact there are more than 54 million who are economical delinquent.

Another curious fact is to say that we’ve been worse, when analyzing the news that there is an increase in the cost of living, the real value of the Brazilian impoverishment may increase, and inflation this year will be on the verge of 10% with serious risk of exploding.

Can you calculate this loss as the government spent more than more than R $ 70 billion from the Central Bank of buying and dollar sales contracts, this gives R $ 350 for every Brazilian citizen lost in a few months.Another fallacy is that the Brazilian state is not large, say that in the US or Japan public spending would be greater than 100%, you can not confuse investment spending, the state machine is an expense “Contingent” that is required, and this case, spending in the US is 1/5 of all the savings available in the country, while the Brazilian is equivalent to 2/3.

Americans and Japanese have a relatively high capacity to finance itself, because interest there are close to zero, while in Brazil pay the higher interest rates in the world.

Finally the reduction of ministry number was a joke, only 3000 commissioned positions were eliminated, Brazil has more than 100 thousand (many without going to tender any) and executive salary reduction is a joke, they do not make money with this, they gain from others’ business. “