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Whats is BI ?

05 Oct

Brazilian in times of crisis, the survival analysis of a company dependsBI on rapid analysis of social change agents: investment, market and customers must be rapidly analyzed so that an overview of business trends can be assessed.
Linked to information technology, management and business, the term Business Intelligence (BI), or just business intelligence emerged, referring to the process of collecting, organizing, analyzing, sharing and monitoring information that give business management support

So it is a framework of methods, processes, structures and technologies that transform a large amount of raw data into useful information for strategic decision-making is, therefore, what you can do with information for decision making.

The primary sources of information are collected within their own companies, since the latter sources of information include the consumer’s needs, the customer’s decision process, competitive pressures, the relevant industry conditions, economic and technological and cultural trends.

Finally a BI system should set a specific goal as far as the organizational goal to expand the company’s vision, coexisting with your goals, how that should be achieved in the long and short term, on the business and collecting information.