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“Red carpet” for Mazzaropi

26 Oct

To time to understand the true history and identity of Brazil, we should look beyond the harsh reality that almostTapeteVermelho became a miracle, but not turned, studying almost unknown characters from literature and history of Brazilian cinema.

I watched almost by chance, a night in Hotel in Brazilian Northeast, the film Tapete Vermelho (Red Carpet), which tells the story of Quinzinho (Matheus Nachtergaele) who wants to fulfill the promise to take your child, and grudgingly also Zulmira (Gorete miracle, famous because: oh Poor) to see a Mazzaropi film.

The journey will the hinterland who live through ever larger cities, and go see the movie theaters turn into shops, bakeries, churches and facing curious and magical situations, a tribute to Mazzaropi, parading the culture of the common people of Brazil.

The film directed by Luiz Alberto Pereira, production Ivan Teixeira and Vicente Miceli, has yet beautiful music of Renato Teixeira is 2006 and should not have been overlooked.

The boy who played the son Neco, Vinicius Miranda was chosen at a selection of over 200 children, and the cast had the support of Taubaté theater groups and São Paulo.

Late congratulations! Worth seeing not only the actors, but the “Brazilian landscape”.