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Because brazilian inflation rises

29 Oct

Soft loans and low interest rates were the government’s way businesses buyInflation and get more money for their campaigns, and BNDES is the epicenter of this hurricane. So little it is policy to increase the Selic brazilian rate, which theoretically would be a restriction on credit, the BNDES made loans of more than US $ 170 billion, which is larger than the World Bank, and maintains interest rate subsidy to the select group of “friends ” from the government.

It is one among so many lies, but this is a lie to the government itself, desperately trying to restrict credit to curb inflation, which has reached 9.85 % and is expected to hit the disturbing double digits by the end of the year.

Like the government or not is already the worst recession in 25 years, say all economists unless the government fundamentalists who ask the BNDES credit easier for entrepreneurs would not be against the high rates of Selic falling on the population.

Gross debt progressed to 65% of GDP and was 52% when the president took over in 2011, and the level that is this interest that becomes significant because it will undermine the country’s ability to invest, as interest rates making it even more prohibitive these debts.

The gross debt of the country grew to about 65 percent of its gross domestic product. When President Dilma Rousseff, who is trying to avoid impeachment, took over in 2011, the proportion was 52 percent.

Economists repeat the central bank “needs to raise rates significantly more than normal every rising inflation” and the government control your spending, but will it?