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COP21 and G7

30 Oct

The cop21 and G7 Warm weather (at least in Brazil), heats up the race cop21Parisfor COP21, the Paris Conference on Climate Change, but the G7 wants to cool all, the club of the 7 richest nations in the world.

According to a study, which involved the Brazilian rooted in Switzerland, Marcia Rocha, which the G7 is proposing will not serve to stop the 2 degrees Celsius that greenhouse gas emissions will lead to the planet by 2030, the target will have accomplished something around 30 % of needed as inform the Centre’s Climate brazilian blog.

Analyses of Climate Analitics show that following the combined current policies, only achieve 5% of the “ambition gap” Canada a member of G & said with the target for 2020 would be increased by 35% the so-called INDC (Contributions Nationally Certain Intended) compared to 1990.

The report proposes three recommendations to the G7: significantly increase the ambition of their INDCs here to the Paris conference in December; to strengthen the current targets, the shear stress becomes smaller after 2020; arguing that review cycles of the new agreement targets are five years, not ten, to prevent unambitious goals end up running for a long time.

While the big mobilize, social networks too, around the world there will be demonstrations, in Brazil there is already a call by the networks in a demonstration for the 29th of November.